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The Healing Power Of Sound!

It is the key that unlocks the door to complete health, healing and wholeness.
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Heal yourself with your own voice

New here?

We live in a vast ocean of vibration. All that exists in and beyond our world is vibrating and all that is vibrating is producing sound. This dynamic, intelligent and harmonic Sounding Field is our creative palate upon which we imagine, create and thrive. If you are someone who feels deeply called by Sound, I want to welcome you! Join me as I share techniques and tools that open you to the Ecstasy, Mystery and Medicine of Sound and all the possibilities that lie within.

Self-Healing with Sound

What if one sound, one simple focused sound that any of us can make, could alter the trajectory of a moment or the molecular structure of a cell? Seem farfetched? As we shift and expand our personal awareness, we move from 3D realities into the multi-dimensional awareness with Sound at the leading edge. The resonant sound of your voice coupled with the harmonic power of crystal sound energy can restore and sustain the fundamental frequencies of wellbeing.

Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner Training

Exploring the inner landscape of possibility and finding your way back to the Great Mystery is something that has called to you since the beginning of time. You have been gathering tools your whole life, and now you are ready to use these tools to activate deeper levels of wellbeing within yourself while in conscious service to humanity.

When a client has an intention to experience greater Spirituality, they typically are asking to access deeper meaning in their lives. Not so much as it relates to dogma or even a tradition, but instead they feel a call within their bones where they recognize there is more to the life they are currently or consciously experiencing. They long to enter the mystery, maybe even the mystical. There is a strong urge to knock on that door, to expand, to experience a transformation. When we work with sound, the mystery presents itself in harmony…they knock and the door opens to them. They feel the sensation of themselves as a spiritual being. This ancient memory is a home coming if you will, called forth from their deepest self.

Let your voice be your guide as it energizes your life and brings you to sound health.

Tryshe is one of the most dynamic, attuned, and artful teachers I have ever had the pleasure to learn from. As the former Program Director at Miraval, Life in Balance, and Lead Mindfulness Teacher, I knew as soon as I experienced the transformative tools Tryshe had developed and so skillfully delivered that we wanted to hire her to bless our guests with her gifts. She creates an atmosphere of comfort and emotional safety for inner healing, while bringing forth de-light and delight. Her healing work reflects her ever deepening personal unfolding, awakening us to our own “soul’s song” and the joy of knowing more fully our own divine depths.

–David Tate, Ph.D., Psychologist