Chakra Malas

Beautiful to behold, these gemstones are chosen for their metaphysical potency in relation to each of the seven major Chakras of the subtle body system.

The Malas are best used with Tryshe Dhevney’s Chakra Sound Meditation CD which teaches how to produce distinctive sacred tones and overtones. The synergy between both sound and crystal is experienced as life altering. Use these sacred tones and gifts from the earth in meditation to transform consciousness, shift brain states and deepen awareness of the awakened Self within.

To learn more about Chakra Malas or to purchase your own, call Tryshe at 520-440-7820.

“With ones thoughts, one can focus energy precisely where desired; with the additional help of a crystal, one can use this ability to stimulate healing…and enable the higher mind to direct the physical body to both repair and balance itself, hence, facilitate the integration of the physical form with the ‘perfect self’ of the etheral.”

Melody, author, Love Is In The Earth – A Kaleidoscope Of Crystals