Chakra Sound Meditation

Using the SOUNDShifting technology of the CHAKRA TONES Home Audio Course or the CHAKRA SOUND MEDITATION CDs as a personal sound healing practice, creates powerful brainwave frequencies where your own voice becomes the delivery system of powerful rhythms and calming frequencies that impact your life on a molecular level. These CD’s are designed as interactive guides to physical, mental and emotional balance, allowing you to unlock the infinite self-healing potential of your own voice.

“I came to Tryshe a couple months ago to help me with clearing my chakras, and have been working with the tones since. I hadn’t thought about how I might be changing until a few co-workers started asking what I was doing. I was different somehow. I then realized that using the chakra tones has helped me to feel more calm and confident — much more in control of my life.”
Elain Henry, Tucson, AZ

For individuals or groups of any size, the CHAKRA SOUND MEDITATION program is a complete track-by-track guided meditation through the 7 major Chakras of the subtle energy system.This CD guides the listener through the creative substance of each chakra, the corresponding physical placement, the open primordial tones and finally, the chakra-specific affirmations.

Price: $26 (includes AZ tax and S & H)

United States Shipping Only. (Shipping To Hawaii Or Alaska May Add To Cost.) Contact Directly For International Rates.