Chakra Tones

Using the SOUNDShifting technology of the CHAKRA TONES Home Audio Course or the CHAKRA SOUND MEDITATION CDs as a personal sound healing practice, creates powerful brainwave frequencies where your own voice becomes the delivery system of powerful rhythms and calming frequencies that impact your life on a molecular level. These CD’s are designed as interactive guides to physical, mental and emotional balance, allowing you to unlock the infinite self-healing potential of your own voice.

“I received your CD last night when I arrived home from a business trip. During the trip, I think I caught cold and had a running nose. Amazing is your sound healing power that almost immediately after I followed your instructions, I felt much better! My wife was out buying OTC medicine for me and I just called her not to buy it since it was no need anymore. This morning, I followed it again and I think I am completely cured now.”
Jeffrey J. Chang – BNK INT’L LLC

The CHAKRA TONES CD offers a practical guide to the primordial tones that research has shown impacts the molecular structure of matter. Use these tones to shift into optimal health and emotional wellbeing. The CD provides instruction on the mechanics of creating these powerful primordial tones for yourself.

Price: $26 (includes AZ tax and S & H)

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