Harmonic Activations:
The Alchemy of Crystal Sound

The Crystal Bowl Harmonic Activations are a deep-breathing sigh into the depth of your body wisdom. The acoustic sounds of these unique Crystal instruments open spaces that create glowing serenity and ease deep within the body, mind and spirit.

The quartz crystals in every bowl are able to amplify, store, focus, transfer and most important transmute energy. Our bodies are also crystalline in structure. As you receive these soothing tones and overtones you will have entered into the world of crystal sound therapy, the healing effects of which are palpable. Each bowl used in these activations is a Crystal Tones™ high frequency gemstone, mineral and metal infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl.

*Note: Though head phones are not necessary to receive these frequencies, using head phones will intensify your experience of the sound. *Note: If you are so inspired, please tone along with the activations as the sound of your voice will amplify the effects of these good vibrations.

Price: $26 (includes AZ tax and S & H)

United States Shipping Only. (Shipping To Hawaii Or Alaska May Add To Cost.) Contact Tryshe@Soundshifting.com Directly For International Rates.

Track 1 – Awaken Intuition Activation (16:00)
Sound codes for clearing the Third Chakra of self-doubt and promoting inner trust to stand in one’s own authority with grace and purpose

Track 2 – OM Frequency Activation (11:01)
When tuned to this frequency of the Soul, one experiences an overall sense that all things are in right timing. Promotes deep relaxation

Track 3 – High Heart Activation (10:31)
Integrate the innocence of human love with the energy of Divine Love, expanding the sacred dimension of being

Track 4 – Ascension Portal Activation (10:10)
Binaural rhythms to balance and change brain states. Use for pain reduction, stress reduction and improved sleep

Track 5 – Throat Chakra Activation (9:21)
Release energy blocks to allow authentic communication from one’s heart-centered essence

Track 6 – Endocrine System Activation (15:45)
Amplify and accelerate vitality and balance in the physical Endocrine System and subtle body Chakra System