Spirit of the Ancients

Tryshe Dhevney’s Crystal Bowl Sound Healing has garnered unprecedented customer praise and risen to top-selling altitude in Sounds True’s healing music category. With Spirit of the Ancients, she immerses us in a new soundscape of gemstone-infused crystal bowls, selected to evoke “expanded inner space and illumination.”

Recorded in a sacred open-mouthed New Mexico cave with unique sound and energy-gathering qualities, these tracks merge the subtle presence of wind and birdsong with therapeutically tuned tones to support our natural bio-frequencies.

Upon first listening to Tryshe Dhevney’s recordings, many report an immediate and profound sense of rejuvenation and expanded awareness. Recommended for use by bodyworkers, creative artists, energy healers, writers, meditators, or anyone looking for an uplifting listening experience. Spirit of the Ancients: Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is sound healer and music artist Tryshe Dhevney’s encore to her acclaimed album Crystal Bowl Sound Healing.

“Recorded in an open cave in New Mexico, Spirit of the Ancients brings alive tones that have lived forever. Like the Vedic poets of ancient India, Tryshe Dhevney is a conduit for the hymns of the Universe. Her work with crystal bowls is heart medicine.”

Mark Nepo, author of Inside the Miracle and The Endless Practice

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Compact Disc


“Love The Spirit of The Ancients! Thanks, Tryshe for bring such great sounds into the world. I listen to it every night now as I fall asleep, or to start off my meditations. Also heard Tryshe speak, and love the sound healing properties of this music.” —Efva C.

Listen to a sample

1) Time Outside of Time

2) Breaking Light

3) A Temple Deep Inside

4) Emergence

5) You Have Wings

6) Walking Turtle Blessing