SoundShifting™ workshops provide a group experience for exploration into the power of the human voice to impact real-world outcomes, change brain states and transform consciousness. With SoundShifting™ you will: discover and honor your own voice, find your personal rhythm and choose to live by your authentic truth. In each workshop, participants can experience freedom, awareness, and control through the voice and intuitive movement. Tryshe Dhevney’s dynamic SoundShifting™ process transforms not only the biology of self-perception, but shifts vibrational alignment to allow for a new point of attraction.

Through intuitive movement, vocal opening, sound meditation, theatrical improvisation and conscious intention you are empowered to release any emotional, cellular and vibrational resistance and deliberately create the life you want.  The themes for each workshop vary, and although the overall goals and benefits are the same, the content of these workshops builds layers of healing. That is why Tryshe recommends attending a trilogy of subsequent workshops. Half day to full multi-day workshops are available.  Workshop titles include:

In Full Voice

We are born with a full, natural, authentic voice. Have you felt the vibrancy of yours lately? When you hear yourself speak do you wince? Do you hear stridency or vagueness in your voice? Is it a challenge to articulate your true self, or worse, do you say nothing at all? If you are waiting to be heard, now is the time to claim your FULL VOICE. The sound of your voice can take you from where you are to WHO you are, transforming not only the biology of self-perception but shifting your capacity to live from your own authority.

Are You Game? Theatre Games for Non-Actors

How long has it been since you played? If you had to stop a moment and think, then this workshop is for you. Romp through an improvisational play-land of theatre games designed to tickle the deep belly laugh within. Give in to that delightful creative spark in a safe, non-threatening environment. Let go and laugh out loud. You deserve it!

Healing Frequencies: The Art of Toning With Crystal Singing Bowls

Toning is the process of using our voice to express open sounds for the purpose of relief and release. This interactive workshop gently encourages you to explore the powerful interplay of Crystal Singing Bowls and the human voice. The rich, harmonic overtones of these unusual Singing Bowls align the crystalline structure of your own body. Experience energy medicine in its most fundamental form, soothing and shifting you into vibrational resonance – that feeling of being in the flow.

Soul Song: Give Voice to the Awakened Self

This unique sound meditation is designed for those in life transition, or who desire to deepen their connection with the intuitive Self.  This interactive workshop encourages people to bring forth their own Song, and to experience the extraordinary power of their own voice for personal discovery, emotional release and self-healing.  Each person’s Soul Song becomes a vibratory activation anchoring the new frequencies of light, love, forgiveness, wisdom and rejuvenation.

Chakra Tones: Energize Your Life With Sound

From instinct and emotions to goal setting and creative expression, the chakras are the control panel of your life. This workshop focuses on how to create specific primordial “Chakra Tones” that can heal the physical body and restore balance in your life.  By allowing yourself to breathe deeply and sustain these primordial tones, you accelerate the deep vibrational resonance in your cells as you create greater vitality in your voice.

  • Reduce stress
  • Balance emotions
  • Oxygenate the blood and lymph systems
  • Stimulate the immune and endocrine systems