Personal Consultation

Because sound is pure vibration

Because sound is pure vibration, the voice reveals long held vibrational patterns and beliefs that inhibit the effortless flow of breath, vocal resonance and harmony in one’s life. More than the words you speak, the tone of your voice reveals your true intention. Most likely you cannot hear what you are saying beyond the words, but others “feel” your communication on a vibrational level and respond accordingly.

All thoughts, all beliefs are vibration

All thoughts, all beliefs are vibration. They impact the entire physio/psycho/spiritual system by setting in motion not only the direction of your life, but also the people and situations you attract.

SoundShifting offers a system of healing

SoundShifting offers a system of healing that utilizes primordial tones and vowel sounds that alter vibrations in every molecule and cell in the body. These tones allow you to release the beliefs or thoughts that have created a dominant tone or vibration of lack, struggle, and disease (to name a few). As you confidently and joyfully align with your natural frequency and heart-centered essence, you expand your capacity to create the life you want.

In a Private Consultation, whether in person or on the phone

In a Private Consultation, whether in person or on the phone, Tryshe is able to assess individual vocal and breath patterns and guide each client to authentic alignment. She offers a personalized program of sound exercises and breath support to open the voice and allow the natural flow of energy to move through your body.

Schedule a Personal Consultation

To schedule a personal consultation, please email with desired date and time. We will make every effort to accommodate your request. The fee is $225. Payment plans available upon request. We need to receive payment prior to your appointment. At the time we schedule your consultation we will give you an address to send payment and a direct phone number to call.

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