Life Scripting Training

Developed in 1984 by Tryshe Dhevney, the Life Scripting Process was designed to bring the powerful stories of young people in recovery from alcoholism to the live stage. The message was peer to peer, the process was personal, the outcome was theatre. From 1996 to 2001 she worked in association with Compass Health Care, Inc. ( training others in this groundbreaking process to create dynamic issue oriented theatre. Currently she offers retreats that use this dynamic, therapeutic process for reclaiming the authentic self.

As Theatre

The Life Scripting training provides participants with an opportunity to experience practical, experiential body/voice techniques in order to access and reveal one’s living script. It is a methodology designed to bring authentic expression to any creative process, be it writing, performing, dreaming, singing, counseling or living life. Much more than a procedure to extract information for presentation, the Life Scripting Process allows each participant to experience the simultaneous connection between the truth of one’s intention and the authenticity of one’s expression; in other words, saying what you feel and feeling what you say in a given moment. The Life Scripting Process is a methodology that combines individual experiential “exercises” with large/small group work creating an environment that accelerates one’s capacity to reveal the emotional/physical statement of one’s authentic self. The final “product” is compelling and riveting theatre or piece of writing.

As Therapy

Every thought, word and experience one has in life is recorded in the cells of the body. In the Life Scripting Process we are not interested in how the ego mind selectively remembers the “story” of what happens in a given experience. Our intention with this work is to access what the cells remember and consciously connect to the information it holds. If there is resistance or trauma caught in the cells the process allows one to transform the unwanted vibrational pattern into well-being. By engaging the “cellular memory” as Carl Jung described it, participants are able to not only reach the truth of their experiences but also begin to change and heal the imbalance certain life choices encoded into their cells. We do this through the conscious and intuitive use of sound and movement. The Life Scripting Process provides valuable insight into one’s life choices while opening to the expanding creative process within. Not only is authentic presentation possible but living an authentic life in the process is what makes this work life changing. Allow the memory of who we truly are to awaken and begin living a life of conscious deliberate creation.

The Stanford University Study Summary

A 1990 Stanford University School of Education evaluation concluded that Teens Kick Off [TKO] “increases students’ awareness of the social and peer pressure to use alcohol and other drugs, emphasizes the long-term consequences and immediate negative effects of use, provides factual information, and models skills needed to ‘say no,’ talk to parents and begin recovery.” In a follow-up survey of audience members six months following viewing:

  • 21% had sought help for problem use themselves or had a friend seek help.
  • 34% decreased their drug/alcohol use during the six month period.
  • 52% said the program had affected their decision regarding their use of alcohol and other drugs by emphasizing the seriousness of misuse and making the consequences of misuse realistic.
  • 64% reported discussing problem use with their parents or a close friend.
  • 82% felt that alcohol and other drug use was a big problem at their school and that this program had helped them recognize the effects of misuse in their peers.
  • 40% of the students felt that the schools denied there was a problem and/or wasn’t doing enough about it.(This study measured the efficacy of the Teens Kick Off, the peer to peer alcohol and other drug intervention program. TKO was the prototype of the Life Scripting Process)
This study measured the efficacy of the Teens Kick Off, the peer to peer alcohol and other drug intervention program. TKO was the prototype of the Life Scripting Process