SOUNDShifting – Owning Your Voice (3 or 4 day intensive)

Own your voice, it is the most powerful energy tool you have. Claim its inborn wisdom and power to awaken your passion and presence. Release vocal “blocks” and use your voice more authentically, effectively bringing power to your communications and balance to your life. Deepen your physical and vocal freedom, open your intuitive awareness, and cultivate the harmonic potential of the open voice to create your life form a place of certainty.

Engage in practices and learn tools to reclaim your voice including:

  • intuitive movement
  • vocal awareness
  • harmonic attunement
  • theatrical improvisation
  • conscious language and intention

This dynamic process transforms not only the biology of self-perception, but shifts vibrational alignment to allow you to live from your own authority. You will be given the opportunity to express your Soul’s Song, a vibratory activator anchoring into your body the frequencies of light, love, forgiveness, trust and wisdom. Explore the power of the human voice to change brain states, transform conscious awareness and impact real-world outcomes.

To Thine Own Cells Be True (A 2 or 3 day intensive for actors)

The artistic process is a transformative one – multi-dimensional, vibrant and authentic. The actor is challenged to surrender to the deeper truths within each character – but what about the actor? Who is the person behind the character they are performing? In this intensive, you will journey beyond the methods of performance and explore cellular memory, vocal patterns and personal beliefs that either inhibit or allow authentic connection to Self. Only when we examine the body/voice/heart/soul of our own lives, and our own connection to Source, do we liberate our imagination and free the creative voice within.

Circles of Power: The Primordial Sound Connection

The Chakra System holds the key to unlocking your capacity to be a conscious, deliberate creator in alignment with your innate wisdom. By giving attention to these individual vortexes of power you will awaken the deeper, more sustained and more profound levels of creation. All thoughts and all beliefs are vibration, and impact the entire physio/psycho/spiritual system, setting in motion the quality and direction of your life. This intensive is an exciting series of 7 classes (a two hour class per chakra) devoted to aligning and integrating your conscious connection to the Chakra System. Learn how your own voice can easily transform those unwanted habits of thought and behavior and align with your essential, authentic self. Experience how effortlessly it is to open the breath, your voice and natural movement and shift the dense frequencies of disharmony into well-being.