VIP SoundEnergy™ Intensive

Have you ever longed to immerse yourself in an ocean of sound in a private deep-dive learning environment that was created specifically for you?

If so, you are in the right place. This 20 hour exploratory intensive was created with you in mind. Over a 4 day period, you will be immersed in sound, harmony, vibration, and personal healing that leads to you having a deeper connection to your authentic self. You will come to better understand your personal energy signature, and what stands in the way of you fully expressing your authentic voice.

You will learn how to play and use the vibratory technology of the Crystal Singing Bowls, which work as evolutionary allies that support you on your journey of awakening.

The SoundEnergy™ VIP Intensive fulfills the requirements to begin level 1 training, and can be used as a launching pad for deep personal healing.

To schedule your weekend, please contact Tryshe directly.

“The VIP SoundEnergy™ intensive with Tryshe was absolutely transformative. My first deep~dive foray into the sea of Sound, Tryshe was the consummate expert guide in ushering in the deeper learnings of sound, tone, voice and vibration. Each session was custom tailored to me, with ample space for questions and moreover deep sharing, insights and mind expanding conversations that evolved my consciousness. The Sound learning I gathered was exquisitely personal, attentive and palpably healing for me and my relationships. Through Tryshe’s guidance, I was able to connect the dots of Sound and Spirit in the most authentic way. The SoundEnergy™ VIP Intensive is for anyone who wants to have the custom tailored offering of Sound living, breathing and integrating in their lives.”  – Cristy Candler, Yoga Teacher