We Knew What We Were In For

There is a tendency to argue that forces outside of (the collective) me brought us to the brink of another near tragic event. Life-altering national events have ricocheted through my entire journey on this earth. From political assassinations, to social

Visual Meditation Water Cymatics

Enjoy this rendering of the essence of With the Waters, the fourth track on Tryshe Dhevney’s 2022 album The Way of Sky, captured in engaging visuals produced by Karissa Love.


I love this guy. I don’t know this guy, but his inquiry inspired me.

 He dropped in from my website contact button.

 S. asks:

 “Hi Tryshe. I have been recovering for the past 2 and a half years from both

The Reality of Fantasy

From the mystical to the mundane, is fantasy a perilous choice of life spent pretending or a thought dream not yet manifested? I’ve kissed a few frogs expecting the white knight of my destiny to kiss me back; have said

2023 Solstice Reading

Transcript: good morning happy Solstice oh another year another cycle a new life New Beginning it’s an extraordinary time to be on the planet and this is hard to say or odd to say but and be conscious because it

Resistance Is Exhausting

We Get Exhausted, Or We Get Wise Resistance Is An Exhausting Way To Live! Resistance triggers are found everywhere, an idea can challenge us, a belief, a person, or a group of people…politics…science…medicine…technology…authority…change…writing…not writing…procrastination…mediocracy…perfectionism…anger…self-pity…apathy, etc. Anything can produce resistance (aka,

The Gift List

The Gift List! A Solstice Commentary As the modern Christmas messages swarm and overwhelm, I’ve a hunger for the quiet, the empty and seek greater meaning in it all… or through it all or in spite of it all or

What Hasn’t Been Healed

I’ve made it this far, and my life is good… and, I’m not at all complete with this journey. Much learning awaits me. Probing questions come to mind … Where am I feeling limitation? What wants to come into balance in

When Your Crystal Bowl Goes Rogue!

I travel with my Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls…but not without extreme caution, a pinch of trepidation, a healthy respect of “what am I thinking,” and firm packing in hard cases of all sizes. In the end, I have to trust