An Exploration of Consciousness

I have consciousness on my mind these days. Hahaha…now that’s an oxymoron if ever there was one!!!!

My new insight is this, Consciousness has nothing to do with the mental body. In fact, the more I learn about consciousness, the more I realize that my mind, the thinking, reacting brain of well-honed perceptions has little to do with the infinite potential I came to experience and express.

I’ve learned that if consciousness is to be healthy and contribute to the healthiest instincts of my human experience, it wants To Play, To Learn, To Expand and To Have New Experiences all the time!

Stagnancy and Fear are the enemies of my spiritual body! Hmmm, so when I opt out, content to not engage with the world, or sit within my comfortable place, content in having accomplished this or that, I just might be missing my opportunity to take advantage of MORE of life.

This is the stuff of innocence and wonder where we recognize that we are always changing (or need to be) and forever starting anew.

This is the new itch I’m scratching. I ask myself, where in me am I hesitating? Does my trauma stop me, thus serve me? What am I putting off…until forever? Who am I afraid to meet?

How often am I content to not engage, not explore, not flounder, not reach, content to live by or create life from a formula? Am I afraid to look stupid trying something new?


I never realized that if I want to expand my spiritual body, i.e., consciousness, I have to seriously subdue, even kill off, the mental part of me that ‘shoulds’ all over me, creates stories of scarcity and lack, that unconsciously imagines myself as unworthy in countless scenarios.

What’s so radically delicious about aging is that the veils of misperceptions have been pulled back and Voila! I now see the silliness.

It’s time to get busy!

I’m noticing the brazen. The fearless! I marvel at choices some are making, the risky choices, the cringe-worthy choices that seem to take them out of the comfortable predictability of their lives and drop them at the precipitous edge of CHANGE.

Then last night I realized the role sound plays in the leavening of consciousness.

When working with the vibrations of vocal and harmonic sounds (singing bowls, etc) we have the opportunity to access Source and yes, expand consciousness. Vocal and harmonic sound does in fact override the thinking controlling mental body, silencing it in the moment.

In fact, the more you make sound, the quieter your thoughts, and Presence is born.

Check this out: when vocalizing sound or listening to non linear music (music where the brain is unable to anticipate the next note) the neo-cortex becomes mesmerized. A neurological change occurs.

Alpha / theta brain waves begin to subtly stimulate a light trance state where controlling your thoughts no longer dominates your experience.

In fact, you are riding the current of Source. Think of it, you are riding the white water of potential.

Hang on! It’s a great ride.

Go ahead, untame yourself. Begin something new. Let inspiration erupt out of you. Reach beyond the predictable.

This just might be the healthiest thing you can do for yourself: ask for help. (That’s a big one.)

Begin to learn a new language, talk to a tree, play a cello, create a TEDTalk! Why not live for a moment outside the “box-of-your-understanding” and see what happens.

I will do the same and report back what I find.

Join me! This will be such fun.

“One must have chaos within oneself if one is to be a dancing star.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche