31 Day Online Primordial Tones Challenge

10/01/2020 - 10/31/2020
7:30 am - 8:00 am

Every morning at 7:30 am in the month of October, Tryshe Dhevney, will be going live on her Soundshifting FaceBook page to share The Primordial Tones daily spiritual practice with her Sound Healing Community!

Things you can expect from doing the practice:

  • Increased vitality and more energy
  • Personal Healing
  • Deeper Connection to Source Energy
  • Freeing your voice
  • Reducing Stress
  • Stimulate Immune function

We welcome your presence and invite you to join us!

If you haven’t already, please download the free gift we have on the homepage, so you can dive deeper into your understanding of the Primordial Tones and how they benefit your life, expand your awareness and magnetize your energy!