Harmonic Codes & Consciousness Master Classes

10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Harmonic Codes & Consciousness Master Classes

A 3-part Master Class to Manifest The Life You Desire

Lovers of sound…

The internal stirring (and possibly the discomfort) is increasing.

2020 is a pressure cooker like never before.

And I find myself thinking, “This is it – the time you have been preparing for. There is no time to pretend, put off, or wait this one out. YOU are ready!”

This is your invitation to say YES to a deeper understanding of what is meant by sacred selfishness & spiritual activism.

Over the course of these three Master Classes, you will explore the energy dynamics of the Source Energy and how understanding your relationship to the Great Mystery and its role in your life begins to unlock the door to manifest everything you desire – vibrant health & vitality, flow states & synchronicities, greater levels of creativity, more prosperity and wealth, deeper intimacy in your relationships, more self love, and the ability to manifest everything you desire…

Tryshe will then open space for you to master these Harmonic Codes allowing them to take root in your energy field and physical being, so that you (and your body) are deeply aligned and prepared to call in everything you desire.

We will wrap up the series with a deep dive into the Spiritual Principal of Resistance, and its role in our evolution. The only limits we have are the ones we knowingly or unknowingly place upon our selves.

You are truly the creator of your life. With only 6 weeks left in 2020, this is the perfect opportunity to align with WHO you are, and all that wants to come through you, as your soul evolution leads you home.

These classes will be part teachings, part experiential, and part energy transmission. You may take each class individually or you can join us for all three! Individual classes are $333 or $740 for the series.

Classes will be held from 9-11 PST/10-12 MST/11-1 CST/12-2 EST on Friday December 4, 11 & 18. All calls will take place on Zoom (you will get the link when you register) and will be recorded.

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December 4th:

Source Energy – What is It and How does It work for me?

Living your best life is related to your willingness to understand that it is YOU who gives energy direction. That direction is a conscious connection with Source Energy.

And yet, so many of us unknowingly allow our minds to dismantle this amazing connection. Our connection to Source energy is also eroded by old beliefs and dogma that lead us to looking outside of ourselves for the answers that ultimately live within your extraordinary cellular design.

The metaphysical imperative is to understand that all you see outside of you is your creation and proof of You, whatever you believe. If what you see doesn’t please you, you and only you can change it.


In this Master Class you will learn:

  • How to dip your ‘individual cup’ into the infinite well of Source and slurp up its goodness for the benefit of YOU.
  • How to use your Voice to increase the vortex of energy (Source) at the center of each cell and magnetize your intentions.
  • How sound creates conditions (non resistance) for you to move from the energy of perceiving to the energy of knowing
  • Learn how the conscious use of vocal sound tools interface your cellular design with your connection to infinite Source for your higher purpose – to expand Consciousness
  • Use your will to harness this infinite Energy to learn all you came to learn, to access the scope of your amazing gifts and talents and finally, accept endless streams of miracles

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December 11th:

Opening & Deepening Into the Lower Chakras & Anchoring the Divine Feminine

Most of you are conditioned to live in the mind or heart (upper chakras) deferring instead to your intellect & fragmented intuition to guide your lives.

And yet, without being rooted in the lower chakras it will be nearly impossible to experience true abundance – for the full manifestation of what you “see” and “know” to be true requires a connection to the earth.

We are energy dependent on Mother Nature. She is the reflection of our true identity, our true nature. When grounding universal energy in the base of your body, you open to a deeper understanding of why you came here, who you are and the gifts you brought to explore and express. When you are living from your base, everything you create is magnified through conscious choice, free from ‘victim’ consciousness.

The role the voice plays in opening up this power cannot be overstated. True bliss is launched at the base of our being in these lower energy centers. Remember we are here to use our will (choice) to create our lives at every turn. Without access to the lower chakras we are cut off from our native design, our choice to exist and manifest with joy.

In this Master Class you will learn:

  • How to drop into the sometimes messy space of the lower chakras, even if they feel hard to access
  • Why the lower chakras are the foundation of your human energy pyramid, without which you cannot consciously manifest your advanced design on the planet
  • How to recognize and reclaim the power you have abdicated to others over the course of your life
  • How to consciously open the Root through the vocal Primordial Tones to create coherence with our energy connection to Source.

A delicious, blissful life happens when we are fully grounded in our bodies, the motherboard of our creative power. Are you ready for yours to manifest without effort?

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December 18th:

Non-Resistance: A Foundational Spiritual Principal

Resistance forms when we look outside ourselves for our Identity. 

Resistance is maintained when we’re not vibrating in harmony with who we KNOW we are. 

To put a finer point on this, resistance is a vibratory pattern where the energy body has locked into a static state of separation from the master valve of pure potential, otherwise referred to by many names, as God, Source Energy, Allah, the Universe, Inner Being, among others.

Using a gross body reference, resistance is a form of energetic constipation. Nothing can move…no insight, no flow, no ease. When resistance creeps in and takes hold, the master valve shuts off, and some part of the body falls out of harmony.

A physical area will show signs of this mis-alignment in the form of pain. If we are not aware of the significance of pain, we dismiss the sign, “It’s no big deal, just a little headache.” Over time that little ache grows and, before you know it, you are flat on your back. Here’s the gift. Your body is laying out clues to a most important revelation about yourself, one that you’ve been aching to hear. What most don’t take into account is that the body isn’t making a distinction between good resistance or bad resistance, happy stress and bad stress. It will simply convert resistance into stress and create more juggernauts of discomfort, pain and dis-ease.

This may be physical, or you might notice it as it manifests in relationship drama, poverty or trouble making money and much more.

In this Master Class you will learn:

  • How to identify resistance – physically, emotionally and spiritually, and how it feels in your body
  • How to use Primordial Tones to consciously summon and direct the energy (from resistance to flow)
  • Recognize that the sound of your voice along with intention releases layers of unseen resistance
  • Create a sonic toolbox to help release your reliance on how others or the world sees you and remember you are the one directing all energy
  • How sound strengthens your core awareness, magnetizing YOU as sole vibrational point of attraction
  • Experience the Vortex of energy as activating potential within each cell while maintaining your energy connection to Source


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