MAKING WAVES—Awaken Your Authentic Intuitive Voice Retreat

04/21/2016 - 04/24/2016

A Bridge From Where You Are To Who You Are

with SOUNDShifting creator and best selling
Sounds True recording artist, Tryshe Dhevney


Calling all Seekers, Teachers, Healers & Lovers of Crystal Bowls

Are You Ready To Unleash The Power Of Your Authentic Intuitive Voice And Create A New Relationship To Health and Healing?

Dear Knower of Ancient Truths,

You were born with a strong desire to witness, honor and fully awaken the language of your own heart Remembering who you are.

As someone who has been called on this journey of awakening, you innately understand the power of your voice and you long to boldly follow your heart’s guidance.


So why does your mind still overpower your intuition?

Why does being good trump being AUTHENTIC?

Why has your inner voice become silenced, discounted or minimized?

It happens because you live in a world that is ruled by the intellect. One that has not yet learned to honor the inner, mystical, wisdom you carry in your soul.

You live in a world where you were:

  • Hushed
  • Not spoken to honestly
  • Taught to be quiet or polite
  • Encouraged to be seen, not heard, or worse forgotten

These messages have been carried forward in your body — and are reflected in the smallness of your voice.

And yet, the longing to awaken, to give, to do, to be more, doesn’t stop calling to you…

Are You Ready To Put The Power of Healing Back In Your Own Hands?


For centuries indigenous cultures have been using sound to bring healing to emotional and physical ailments, illness and dis-ease in the body.

Ancients viewed all illness as a musical issue where one is lacking “harmony.”

Therefore, any illness or distortion could be re-tuned by restoring harmony to the cell, the organ, and the entire person, through song.

Like Ancient Medicine Men and Women, You Know You Are The Ultimate Architect of Your Life Experience and Your Voice Is the Key to Personal Awakening.

Total cost for this sacred retreat is $1095. (Cost includes retreat, lodging and meals.)

SECURE YOUR SPOT with my non-refundable $325 deposit


Why Is Sound So Important?

Sound is power. Sound is Creation.

Sound is a profoundly direct, effective, and an efficient way to restore resonance to the whole body system, aligning parts of you that are out of tune and returning you to your natural rhythm and frequency.

Sound is the doorway to complete healing. Your voice is your most powerful asset; your ultimate tool for self-awakening. The sound of your voice will take you there.

It Would Be My Great Honor and Joy to Put the POWER OF SOUND and HEALING Back Into Your Hands.

Tryshe faveIn 1998 I was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis C and stage 4 liver disease. By May 2000, the virus was mutating rapidly. I was told to get my affairs in order; there was no medicine to help.

To comfort myself, I turned to my Tibetan singing bowl. Each time I glided the striker around the bowl’s rim, the tones coaxed sweet, unfamiliar tones from me that kept my soul from splintering into a million pieces.

I did not fully understand it then, but sound was literally saving my life; and my voice was my medicine.

I began to mend the deeper scars I had suffered from swallowing and shutting down my authentic voice…

Three short months later, my doctor, stunned by disbelief, explained that my blood tests showed no trace of the virus. It was gone! He called me his “Miracle Girl.”

Yet, this was no miracle. Instead, it was solid evidence of the very real power of sound.

In the years since my recovery, I have created SOUNDShifting®, a method that uses these same primordial tones to awaken the unlimited potential within each of us.

This is an invitation to rediscover the Real Power and Real Magic that is available to you at any moment in time.

Join me, and I will hand over the keys to your kingdom, the sounds of your authentic voice.

If you are someone who:

  • Is ready to let go of resistance on all levels
  • Longs to actualize your full creative potential
  • Wants to have more balance
  • Longs to experience greater abundance
  • Desires heart-centered connection, deeper intimacy & the freedom to love fully
  • Is ready to enhance your personal or professional practice through the use of Crystal Bowl Sound Healing in a professional capacity

I invite you to join me on this sacred journey. 

Total cost for this sacred retreat is $1095. (Cost includes retreat, lodging and meals.)

SECURE YOUR SPOT with my non-refundable $325 deposit



“All things being derived from and formed of vibration have sound hidden within them, as fire is hidden in flint, and each atom of the Universe confesses by its tone, ‘My sole origin is sound’.”

-Hazrat Inayat Khan, from The Music of Life

Making Waves: Awaken Your Authentic Intuitive Voice

This a 4 day Immersion retreat, set in the natural splendor of the Sonoran Desert, where you will have a chance to explore yourself in new, dynamic and experiential ways.

The first part of the retreat will focus on discovering the power of your own voice and how sound feels and move through your physical body.

Through creative play in small and large group dynamics you will explore ways to get out of your head and into your body. Using sound, voice, free movement and reflection you will begin to free your intuitive voice and trust the sensation of your inner guidance.

These sacred treasures are a tone away and stored in every cell of your body…

Our explorations will center on your voice as the primary instrument to unlock the organic biological intelligence available within you. Whatever is out of tune will be brought back into harmony through your voice.

In the second phase of our work will explore voice in partnership with the crystal power of gemstone and mineral-infused crystal singing bowls.

Deepen the Magic and Power of Your Own Voice with Crystal Singing Bowls


The Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls™ have a unique and powerful function – they are harmonic messengers who want to support you in these evolutionary times.

Coupling the voice with crystal bowl tones allows you to awaken an intuitive power unequaled in its healing, depth and scope.

They help you tap into a time and place outside of 3 dimensional reality, and usher forth your intuitive voice. Crystal Bowls offer deep harmonic nutrition – body, mind and soul.

This workshop is a truly unique opportunity to explore the relationship between your body, voice, movement and Crystal Bowl Sound Healing…

Over the course of four days you will:

  • Learn the primordial Chakra Tones for creating inner harmony and resonance
  • Build confidence in your capacity to feel and express YOUR healing tones
  • Create your Soul Song meditation as a gateway to the Healing Heart
  • Gain access to sound tools that activate your Body Wisdom for grounding, clarity and true inspiration
  • Learn techniques to play, prescribe and harmonically activate Alchemy crystal singing bowls

When you open your “inner” door and create space for the Divine Breath to flow through you, the sensations of sound ignite and guide you to infinite landscapes yet to be imagined.

You will activate and re-awaken the organic intuitive wisdom you were born with, and will begin to understand and feel the power of your body’s innate ability to heal.

You will come to Trust what you know, know how you feel and feel who you are! consciously impacting real world outcomes.

You will leave the retreat with a deep understanding of how sound works in the human system to transform brain states, awaken the sensation of sound health, and offer immediate access to personal authority and intuitive clarity.

You will realize the full essence of WHO YOU ARE through your senses and make choices from your OWN authority…the essence of real happiness, true inspiration and optimum health.

 I invite you to join me on this sacred journey. 

Total cost for this sacred retreat is $1095. (Cost includes retreat, lodging and meals.)

SECURE YOUR SPOT with my non-refundable $325 deposit


Kenyon Ranch

Making Waves: Awaken Your Authentic Intuitive Voice – The Bridge from Where You Are to Who You Are is hosted at the secluded Kenyon Ranch Retreat Center, in the Santa Cruz River Valley near Tucson, Az ( on April 21 to 24, 2016.

It includes 3-nights lodging and farm-to-table prepared meals, pool/hot-tub, labyrinth and fire pit ceremony under big sky.


On Monday April 25th, I will be holding an Advanced Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Training Day.

There is an additional fee of $150 for meals and lodging

SECURE YOUR SPOT with my non-refundable $325 deposit




Kenyon Ranch Retreat
80 Kenyon Rch Rd
Tumacacori, AZ