04/14/2017 - 11/15/2017
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Return to Wholeness: An Encounter With Sound



RETURN TO WHOLENESS: An Encounter With Sound

An 8 month Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Mentorship with Tryshe Dhevney






You create your Universe each moment. You are being called to author your own destiny. Every thought, word and action is changing the universe within your own body.

  • Are you paying attention?
  • Are you dreaming out loud?
  • Are you ready to live within from the fullness of your own being and truly walk your path…awake and alive?

As you enter the mystery of human transformation your mission is to create whole body awareness and to tap the potential that already exists within you. In so doing, your presence and state of being becomes an evolutionary force for love as dynamic frequency, seen and felt by all who inhabit your world and beyond.


I invite you on this journey into your body, through your voice, into the words you chose to manifest your desires, and finally into harmony with your unique soul’s song in sacred alliance with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

My Vision Is That You:

  • Are personally touched by the Spirit of Sound, which informs every aspect of your life, your health, your thoughts, your words, and your state of being…open and free.
  • Discover within, the courage to answer The Call to walk upon your Sacred Path. As you seek a deeper truth, reach for greater possibilities, sing with abandon and live out loud in all ways, you empower others to seek a deeper truth for themselves.
  • Transform your fear or hesitation into purpose, passion and peace, and each day you consciously create future worlds from these seeds of Sacred Sound and Divine Truth.

Sound is the portal which unlocks & awakens the gifts that abide within.

May you discover the wisdom of your authentic body, voice, thought and word and the acoustic luminescence of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls.

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“The retreat helped me let go of deep grief and sorrow and brought my awareness to something I have been avoiding, which is feeling, truly feeling, with courage and existing in my physical body. I was gifted with so many beautiful and meaningful connections with other light beings.” -Delphine Mui


she_opened_her_mouth“I came to the retreat literally having lost my voice, feeling the trauma of the past continuing to resonate in the present, feeling dissociated from my body and living in re-traumatizing negative thought forms—a victim in my life that I so much wanted to transcend. The retreat created a safe space to open up to and experience who I am on an energetic level in my body—and that she is magnificent and sweet and fun and playful and so full of life and open to all the natural world and gifts of this learning and healing and growing and loving and finding/sharing with like-minded beings. I will incorporate these practices in my daily life so that I can carry the transformative experience from the retreat as a seed to my being in my authenticity.” — Liz Oswald


eileen“The retreat went beyond my wildest imagination! During my first few days back home, I had a ton of health care appointments, during many of which I encountered the inevitable bureaucratic blocks, indifference, and errors that usually make me so angry my day is ruined. This time, with every new ridiculous wall of incompetence or unnecessary gate keeping, I just inhaled, hummed, re-set my intention and created a vision of everything turning out for the best. And then it did. Every time. When I entered my car after each of these encounters, I let out a huge grunt/sigh/song/tone, coming from deep in my abdomen, and the tension lifted. These gifts from you were life-changing; I am sure of it. I continue to feel lighter and freer. Thank you.” — Eileen Stryker

April 14 & 15, 2017


Your Sensational Body

Module 1 will be a rediscovery of the physical Self, at a cellular level. Your body is your creation. It is your physical expression of the innate, organic biological wisdom you came to manifest. Otherwise known as your true nature, it is the purest expression of your highest awareness, stored within each cell of your body—skin, tissues, muscles, organs and bones.

Contained within of your sensational body is a unique vibratory signature created in perfect harmony and flow with nature herself. Yet, for most, the adult body is burdened by survival, – a source of stress, illness and fatigue. Instead of honoring your body and its wisdom, you may be fighting against it or ignoring its signals which lead to more stress, breakdown, and in many cases, disease. When the body is denied, or feelings are stuffed, the flow of energy in the physical, emotional and spiritual life is blocked or weakened.

You are embarking on an intimate homecomingone where you are building Somatic awareness, becoming reacquainted with your physical body and its sensation language. You will begin to understand how to move beyond ignorance or lack of understanding into knowledge and wisdom. Though your body holds the story of your survival, becoming aware of the stories frees you to choose differently — to exist, safely and confidently within this physical realm.

This work returns you to a physical and emotional feeling state of non-resistance, a sensation of complete letting go of the need to manage, change and control your world. Non-resistance is the fertile template upon which your natural state of physical harmony unfolds…if you allow it. When experiencing non-resistance, the frequency patterns in your body energetically restructure a state of intrinsic creation able to allow optimum health, creative fulfillment, self love, passion and joyful living to express through you at every level of your human experience.

In this module you will:

  • Discover tools for creating the conditions of non-resistance in your physical and mental processes
  • Awaken to the sensation of your body’s preferences vs your mental “should’s”
  • Learn to interpret your body’s internal and external messaging systems
  • Unlock your feeling truth, in a safe and supportive environment
  • Learn tools to clear imbalances & disharmony that no longer serve you
  • Nourish your own body of light with sound
  • Express primordial tones to focus, awaken and align the Energy Vorteces that balance the endocrine system and create powerful healing states
  • (For Sound Healing Practitioners) Lay the foundation for self-confidence and intuitive clarity as you approach working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

June 30 & July 1, 2017


Whole Body Tuning with Sound, Voice and Crystal Singing Bowl Integration

You breathe, yet you don’t breathe deeply. You make sound, yet your sound has lost its soul.

In module 2 you begin to remember that you are a walking symphony of sound. As you build upon the experiences in Module 1, you will explore the world of vibration and give birth to your authentic voice — a voice that reflects your true essence—natural, full, free, alive, and yes, uniquely you, unburdened by the stories of your past.

We’ll explore breath, as a tool to facilitate an opening to your heart’s deepest truth – your open Voice, so you can sing the song you were born to sing.

“Your sound is the outer reflection of the unheard sound. Are you listening?”

Tune your brain state to it’s highest frequency and your body will follow.

In a safe, non-threatening environment you will be guided to bring forth your authentic voice and awaken its life-giving power in every part of your body. As we progress through this module, you will experiment with free vocalizing. Baby steps for some and giant leaps for others, all will find new personal levels of integration for human voice and crystal bowl voice. In this powerful pairing with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, you will begin to have direct experience of Universal Resonance. Your sound will shape and be shaped by the moment as you open to the interconnectedness of all.

In this module you will:

  • Vocally break free of self-judgement and hesitation
  • Begin to trust the intuitive direction of your sounds
  • Learn to create harmonic feedback with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Expand access to dimensional sound frequencies
  • Experience your Soul Song and Partner Soul Song, the harmonic reflection of Divine Compassion

September 1 & 2, 2017


Words, Thoughts & Pure Speech

Words connected to the symphony in your heart make music…

Studies show that language is a powerful mode for changing consciousness and transforming DNA. The frequency you set up through language patterns either supports your pure potential or denies it. Our beautiful planet Earth was born from sound. As inhabitants of this earth experience, what we speak out loud unleashes an energy that will manifest.

The tone of your voice speaks volumes. What is the sound of your voice saying?

In this module, you will discover and explore the underlying word patterns you use – one’s that reveal closely held beliefs, have a profound influence on your state of being, and lead to you not being happy, healthy, or creatively fulfilled…

Because words are the engine that drive what you manifest in your life, you will learn to consciously choose language that already resides in your heart, and reflects your deepest desires. Words you choose to live on throughout all time and dimension.

In addition you will explore the world between the words—the tone of voice and the true intention it conveys.

You will return to a state of coherence – one where you trust your voice, speak your truth, and consciously manifest the life of your dreams.

What is it you are ready to create?

In this module you will:

  • Learn the distinction between authentic positive thought and magical thinking
  • Experience language as limitation or pure potential
  • Be fully present with what you manifest
  • Learn to feel what you say with passion and clarity
  • Feel with your heart as you speak

November 3 & 4, 2017


Crystal Bowl Sound Healing & Soul Alignment

Module 4 is a two-day practicum integrating the three previous Modules with methods, attitudes and techniques for optimizing the harmonic effect of the gemstone, metal and mineral-infused Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. Found to be a powerful instrument for restoring resonance and balance to the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies, you will experience how and why crystal sound therapy works as a healing modality.

Whether you are a crystal bowl lover, a private bowl owner, or healing practitioner, you will learn ways of harmonizing the energies of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls with Universal Resonance.

The fullness of one’s sense of Self (who you are), the tone of one’s own being (the frequency of your conscious awareness), is matched with the trans-dimensional tones of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. When paired with your authentic voice, you and the bowl become a portal for harmonic transcendence.

Singing bowls have a singular purpose in creation, to inspire and purify through sound. Hearing the enchanting song of the crystal bowls seems to awaken an ancient remembering, touching the essence of the soul. This song is a homecoming, awakening a deep sense of peace. Like a dear friend who understands you, the crystal bowl, and its unforgettable sound, is always there for you. Once you fully understand its presence in your life and how to actualize its harmonic body, you and those lives you touch will be forever transformed.

Learn to unlock the optimum healing potential of these instruments by energetically harmonizing and aligning the mastery of YOU the “musician” with the bowl, to allow pure activation within the soul of sound and restore resonance at a very deep level. This is intuitive sound healing at its most fundamental.

Who you bring to this encounter in the sounding field reaches beyond time and dimension to profound effect. This effect is for your personal tuning as well as for those in your presence, in your audiences or on your practitioner table.

“What you seek is seeking you.”
― Jalaluddin Rumi

The sound of the bowl will be your guide, creating a way for the brain to enter into expanded states of awareness.

When you come to any healing platform in a state of wholeness, a fully tuned open vessel of Divine love, you become the essence of the sacred, broadcasting a signal of creative potential within the mundane or the mystical encounter.

In this Module you will learn all aspects of Harmonic healing with Voice and Crystal Sound, including:

  • Clear, harmonize and align your Bowls with Universal Resonance
  • Prepare your creative/sacred space for optimum energetic support
  • Release personal expectations and become an open vessel of Divine inspiration through sound
  • Experience hands-on Crystal Sound Activations on the body, as practitioner and receiver
  • Learn Crystal Tuning Fork application
  • Practice Vocal techniques for toning the bones
  • Deepen your understanding of the science of Sound and Voice



Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $450 deposit 

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eric-issac“I realized I had not let my heart heal from all the trauma surrounding my health conditions and Tryshe’s methodology and sequence of exercises were helpful, insightful and beautiful to watch and learn from.”

— Eric Isaac

peg“Voice expression and playing the bowls removed layer by layer— Kind of like peeling an onion—so I could go deep and with that become a better me.”

I came to ‘play’ bowls. However, now I realize how important it is to line up myself and play. This ‘Toning’ self was unexpected but So Good. I’m grateful I didn’t just come to play bowls. Part II, please?” — Peg McKnight


“I owned my power, with witnesses…the best witnesses in the world. My unknowing self KNEW there would be healing and there was Great Healing…much healing from other participants.” — Cal-Ling



Imagine yourself a year from now, looking back on a truly transformational experience – One that completely changed you, your state of being, and how you show up in the world.

Over the course of the next 8 months, I intend to show you a way to your authentic self, and an opening to:

  • Radiant optimum health
  • Full expression of your unique voice
  • The courage to trust who you are
  • Deep intimate connections with Self and others
  • Safety and confidence in your body
  • Ways to manifest your unique gifts
  • Community
  • Spiritual and Harmonic transformation
  • Understanding of Art of Healing
  • Deepen your understanding of and alignment with the consciousness of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Your Return to Wholeness was created with the vision of your heart, desire, hope and feeling for your most creative and authentic self-expression, in mind.

I invite you to join me for a most extraordinary adventure into the magic and mystery of Sound.

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $450 deposit 

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This high-end hotel dating from 1929 is set on 39 acres in the Catalina foothills, and is 5.4 miles from Sabino Canyon.

The pleasures, understated elegance, and charming hospitality are classic at this Arizona inn. “The Soul of Tucson in the Heart of the Foothills” bespeaks the desire of its Tucson owners to nurture the beauty and authenticity of this special property.

Hacienda Del Sol is included in the National Registry of Historic Places in Arizona, and is pleased to be a member of Historic Hotels of America.

If you choose to stay onsite, enjoy:

  • Our one-of-a-kind historic accommodations and new Catalina rooms are thoughtfully woven into the landscape.
  • The Grill and Terraza restaurants feature locally-sourced meats and vegetables and herbs and fruits from our organic gardens and trees.
  • The Spa at Hacienda Del Sol provides signature massages, body treatments and organic facials in our studio or in your  guest room.
  • Hiking trails and horseback riding are a part of our history and  just down a path. Art galleries, shopping and golf are a short drive away.



Otherwise there are other local venues near by should you choose to stay off site. If private residences are more your style, try Airbnb!

*****Room reservations are separate and are NOT included in the price of the mentoring*****

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $450 deposit 

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terri“Amazing the energy shifts I received was what I was searching for—my sound!” — Terri Kowalski



  • Four 2-day in person workshops of Bio-dynamic Sound Immersion with specific emphasis on each retreat’s module material
  • Insightful, Expansive, Joy-filled Personal and Group Transformation with Tryshe Dhevney
  • Exercises and practices within a supportive environment that allow you to embody and express the truth of who you truly are
  • Breakfast and Lunch each day at the Luxurious Hacienda Del Sol Resort
  • Product bag of cd’s and Tryshe’s book — SOUNDShifting: Your Personal Guide To Self-Healing With Sound
  • A Bound SoundShifting Mentorship Manual
  • Four (4)  group conference calls, one between each module
  • Four (4) private phone sessions, one between each module
  • Certificate of Completion


  • Your round-trip airfare to Tucon
  • Room/Hotel costs at Hacienda Del Sol, or other locations
  • Dinner
  • Rental car or shuttle service
  • Souvenir shopping or other personal expenses
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


(or $697 per module)

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $450 deposit 

Count Me In


While we strongly encourage signing up for the full program, we realize that you may not be able to attend all 4 modules, or that there are one or two modules in particular that personally call to you.

If you wish to attend only 1 or 2 of the modules, you may do so – providing we have space available – by signing up for the modules  a ala cart.

Each A la carte module is $897

This option ONLY inludes breakfast and lunch, plus two days of training with Tryshe.

***Space is limited to 25 participants per weekend and preference will be given to those who sign on for the whole year***

You can reserve your spot by making a $450 deposit, and following up with Dan Stivers, the workshop logistics coordinator, to make final payment arrangements. He can be reached at # (606) 375-1716.

All payments must be made in full 30 days prior to the session you wish to attend.

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Tryshe faveBest-selling Sounds True Recording Artist and award-winning actor and director, Tryshe Dhevney has been honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and praised for her musical compositions and collaborations. A Crystal Bowl recording artist, voice specialist and Sound Healing expert, she is recognized as an authority in the field of harmonic and vocal intuitive sound healing. Her work with movement and authentic voice expression has been acknowledged as ground breaking. Over the last 20 years, she has pioneered and refined a highly effective sound healing and toning technique called SoundShifting™.


Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $450 deposit 

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“The exercises provided such valuable insight into my self, my soul, and my body as a musical instrument. I am talking home tools that will deepen the experience and be shared with others. I now know how to open my body to reach for my highest potential and approach the bowls with deep respect.

I pushed through deep fear of being seen and heard. Being pushed (gently) outside my comfort zone has shifted me in ways I’m sure I have not yet perceived.” — Becky Carter

“It was really difficult for me to confront my ‘Nots.’ But it was harder to work through letting them go. I felt completely vulnerable and not ready to work through it. But I did! And feel like I made a huge personal shift of letting go and accepting vulnerability, that was necessary to move forward.

I have absolutely loved this experience…I feel overwhelmed that I have been able to experience this soul-sound unfolding and transformation. Tryshe is a gift from Spirit. I feel so blessed that I met her. Her insights into personal transformation, pain, sorrow, joy, laughter and wisdom touches my heart and soul. Thank you for pushing me way beyond my comfort zone and helping me to courageously move soulfully forward in grace, sound and love…with life. I have found my tribe, fulfilled a vision, and made lifelong friends.” — Linda Bult