Sisters Soaring Heart to Heart 2019

11/08/2019 - 11/12/2019


As we invite you to Soar, ask yourself this:

Am I longing to ignite my spirit or nurture my soul?

Does the thought of new possibilities excite or scare me? Even just a little?

Am I ready to freely laugh, sing, dance and maybe even cry?

And we humbly submit for your consideration that:

IF you are interested in being with like-hearted women as well as like-minded…

IF you are ready for your next step even if not fully sure what that is…

IF you’re wondering when you’ll get your groove back…

IF sisterhood is a new concept or a tried and true one…

IF you are intrigued by an event with a ‘healthy reality check’ component…

IF you need a little “me” time to relax, engage and play…

Then… you are ready to SOAR!


This delicious event and serene venue may be just what you need to discover more about yourself. Explore the new YOU with other like-heart women. Perhaps the ‘new you’ isn’t really new at all…perhaps it’s the ‘real you’!

And we know the real you is worth being seen for who she is!


Tickets for Soar are $388 + Room & Board

Learn More Here


Lodge on the Desert
306 N Alvernon
Tucson, AZ