Unlock the Healing Power of Your Voice
And Magnetize Your Potential

The Primordial Chakra Tones Are Ancient Transformational Keys That Call Forth The New Paradigm of Optimum Health & Wellbeing…
The Primordial Chakra Tones focus sound through the seven common chakras vortices. These seven simple tones impact the molecular structure of each cell and have the capacity to dramatically change the trajectory of your physical, neural, sensorial and spiritual life. As you engage these vocal tones prepare to unlock your body’s natural pharmacy, experience the flowering of your creative power and activate the infinite healing potential of your voice.

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In This Free Course, You Will Be Given Sound Tools That Invite You To:

  • Change unwanted lifestyle patterns
  • Reduce stress & allow emotional release
  • Become conscious of your embodied wisdom
  • Experience the sensations & guidance of inspiration

The beauty of sound is that you must choose it.
Once you do, sound does the vibratory lifting.

What Others Are Saying About The Primordial Tones:

“Activating primordial tones has a powerful effect on loosening stuck emotions and traumas in the body.”

“I’ve had a few profound experiences, one of which was remembering my choice to come to Earth. I wept as I felt that Truth in my heart. Thank you so much for this amazing journey.”

“Through Tryshe’s guidance, I was able to connect the dots of Sound and Spirit in the most authentic way.”