New Here?

Encounters with Sound, Voice, Will and Spirit

Welcome! Whoever you are…Whatever you do…Wherever you are in your personal journey of awakening…

If you find yourself here, an inner voice is coaxing you out of hiding. You hear the call to unlearn, disarm and risk everything to reveal yourself, not only to be seen by others, but more important, to be seen by You.

Whether you are a beginner on the path of sound energy or are a well-seasoned practitioner of Sound as a healing modality, I welcome you.

Uncover and Discover Your Wholeness of Being – the Wild and Holy You.

If you are someone who:

  • Feels drawn to the mystery and magic of Sound
  • Longs to release denial of the gifts you came to share
  • Is willing to accept yourself as you are
  • Is ready to reclaim your Authentic Voice
  • Willingly accepts your personal power of choice
  • Embraces the possibility of being a joyous and clear channel of Authentic Intuitive Sound and Crystal Sound Energy

You are in the right place. 

The doors of awakening are open to you…

If You Are Looking For:

Personal Transformation, personal growth, whole body integration and/or self-healing or Professional Tools to work with groups or private clients and a deepening of the transformative energy exchange between you, your bowls and the person on your table or in your audience…

Are you ready to upgrade your understanding of the transformative power of Crystal Sound Energy and the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls?

Are you ready to consciously partner with these Crystal Beings for restoration and deep healing, and eagerly discover new tools for playing, prescribing and harmonizing Crystal Sound Energy in a personal or professional capacity?

If so, you’re in the right place.

“I’ve known about “sound healing” for a long time. I’ve been to sound baths and used binaural beats for vibratory mediations. I’ve experienced the benefits of these practices on the surface, feeling relaxed or gaining mental clarity after a session. It wasn’t until I was gifted with my first crystal bowl and began my own practice that it really started to make sense. I didn’t have any great epiphany but noticed some very subtle, yet profound changes as I started toning with my bowl in the morning. My ability to coax the sound out of the bowl varied greatly depending on my level of energy, I noticed as I relaxed, I felt my breath deepen and belly soften while the bowl sang and vibrated my bones. These moments created the greatest connection to the sound for me. Adding my own voice to the sessions also seemed to free up some held tensions in my nervous system as I would find emotions waxing and waning during the session. Tryshe’s passion and connection to her work has helped me to better understand and integrate the power of vibrational medicine into my daily life and I am extremely grateful.”
– Brian Neufang

Meet Tryshe

In the years since my recovery from chronic hepatitis C and stage 4 liver disease, I have created SOUNDShifting®, a method that uses primordial tones, the very same tones I learned in my early life as an actor, to awaken the unlimited potential encoded in each cell.

It is my passion to assist others to find their own voice and generate tones that put self-healing within their grasp. In addition to my work with voice, I use the resonant, pure tone frequencies of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. The exquisite bowl tones, coupled with your open voice, create a powerful expansive tool for transforming dis-ease into the sweet harmony of wellbeing.

While this is a challenging, chaotic, dense time in our human existence, it is also a time of evolutionary potential. We are being called to create profound shifts at every level of personal, social and global awareness. Sound unlocks an ancient memory of our partnership with Mother Nature and the restorative capacity that exists in every cell of our being. Our eternity is created in the way we presence each moment. Let us choose to give voice, to play the music and sing the song that lives deep in our collective heart. Our lives depend on it!

I want to welcome you and walk with you as you remember deep in your bones how to use Sound as a tool that marries the Divine & our Human nature, making it possible to fully awaken to the deeper truth of who we are.

Work With Me

Ways to work with me include Private Healing sessions, attending weekend Voice or Bowl Clinics or Mentoring with me in my trainings. 

Feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions you may have! 

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