2023 Solstice Reading


good morning happy Solstice oh another year another cycle a
new life New Beginning it’s an extraordinary time to be on the planet
and this is hard to say or odd to say but and be conscious because it seems so
unruly so distorted and yet um I feel
part of a a grand Purge that we’re moving into
um a greater level of awareness and understanding and I think our role in
all of that is that selfawareness self-care and the way I work with it is
just to honor the solstice and the the letting go of all that went
before uh and begin again so this beautiful story um is uh it’s a little
booklet it’s called the winter solstice uh The Christmas Story by Greg
tiffen it always moves me uh deeply because of the recognition
of what it is that it’s sharing with us about the real Essence and symbolic
essence of of this time I’d like to begin with um setting
the tone with bowls so if you just settle back back be warm cozy and I’ll
play a few harmonics to bring us into the
there is nothing I can give you which you have not got for there is much very
much that while I cannot give it you can take no Heaven can come to us unless our
hearts find rest in today take
Heaven no peace lies in the future which is not hidden in this present
little instant take peace the Gloom of the world is but a
shadow behind it yet within our reach is
Joy there is Radiance and glory in the darkness could we but
see and to see we have only to look I beseech you
look and so at this time I greet you not
quite as the world sends greetings but with profound estam and with prayer that
for now and forever the day breaks the Shadows flee
away in the quiet there is tranquility may your life move and
radiate in that unity and your heart sing the hymn of peace to all
humankind this is the Prelude to this beautiful
little booklet um the great tiffen uh wrote several years ago in the past I
have done my little edits um to just um
expedite things and and then I started rereading this and I realized who am I
to to edit a master um because the the symb symbology the energy the the energy
signature that comes from these words and the way they flow are in their
own incredible way unlocking portals entry points Pathways
to deeper understanding so I’m going to not edit and uh I’m going to read the story
to you it begins all of heaven and all of
Earth coordinate with Solus this is the Apex of our natural planetary cycle the cycle First shows
itself in the springtime the flowers and trees are pregnant with expectation
ready to burst forth in flowering abundance and leaves in the summertime Autumn follows yielding
Harvest then dies off as Baron and issues forth a whole new seed at winter
solstice this is the renewal from the jungles to The Rock IES
nature awakens and rejoices in the newness every cell in our body is in
harmony with the planetary time clock it is ourselves that know what to
do with Cy cyclic energy just as we have 365 days from
birthday to birthday so does the planet the birthday of the planet was treated
with a great deal of respect and celebration in ancient days esoterically the Christmas story
has always been with us on our planet in one form or another it is perpetuated
with every new Messiah who comes along this marvelous Christmas story is the
story of our planet and transcends any religious or ideological
concept as you will see the event of Christmas was never meant to be celebrated in the mundane form it has
come to be let’s review the esoteric meaning of Christ Christmas for the purpose of
expanding upon not negating personal and private experiences of this season up
till now have you ever wondered exactly why this season is designed to
be or what this season is designed to be the idea of the birth of a messiah
someone special is not new with Jesus the essence of the story is Jesus being
born in a lowly position stars shining in the sky wise men coming to mark this
particular event proceeded by the parents having to go to a particular
place in order for this event to take place for 1600 plus years this story has
been with us no one started telling the story for hundreds of years after Jesus
passed away let us do as we always do and begin at the
beginning we have a mother and a father and a virgin birth as the Story Goes
Mary is visited by an Angel who tells her quote you will have this event occur
end quote it is then commanded by the Lord qu you will give birth to this
child and it will be done in Bethlehem quote actually Joseph got the word and
was visited by the angel that it would be done in Bethlehem symbolically the basis of the
story is that it represents something that is not touched pained in any manner
by the material the mundane the human it is the story of the universe
itself Heaven if you will here in the Purity we are planting the
seed there is a part of each of us that is re receptive to that which is divine
and can be handed to us without going through any Avenue this transcends the
body for instance the baby itself was not conceived in the womb but in
Consciousness here is a marvelous promise that we are perpetually prepared
to become pregnant with the Divine
seed not just at Christmas time here is story of a life not of a re
of a season it is a message that says what happens here happens always and to
every one the universe restates its flow of energy
male and female father and mother are common points of stating that picture
consider if it was a virgin birth why wouldn’t Mary be why wouldn’t Mary be
the only one in the story she carried she birthed why bring Joseph
in it is because he represents the opposite polarity which depends upon him
in terms of the fact that it is where the energy must be the flow exists in the passage
between mother and father we are to know that each of us in
always is always dealing with polarities there is always that within
each of us that has the maternal responsibility and always that within each of us that has the paternal
responsibility in the impregnation with that marvelous spiritual seed that comes to each of us
at any time is the dependence upon awareness that each of us is that
Duality it is Joseph’s part it is the Joseph part that protects and transports
the and assumes responsibility in caring for the child it is the marry part that
represents a whole new idea so great and so far beyond normaly and traditional
acceptance that it cannot even be aligned to tradition it cannot be controlled by
others the child itself is the gestation of your own idea your own
Awakening A Child always symbolizes A New Concept A New Life a new
idea we have a representation in the story that all things change when you
are receptive to the new child at the moment moment when the cycle changes as we can see the whole story be
deals with new beginnings new Cycles there is nothing older than yesterday’s
cycle done is done it is the concept of the universe to finish and move
on ad winter sols us a new you is
ready a whole new spiritual impregnation is the new you that will
carry you through through the new cycle Christmas time or solce if you
like is the time when you give up what you have and accept what is being born
as the new power within you the awareness within you the new person
within you this takes place in your world among your family and friends in the circle of
your enemies wherever is going to take place this is no other place there is no
other place where it can happen for you esoterically in this story it is
very important to note that Mary and Joseph had to move from their usual home
the act of moving from where they normally reside is actually moving away from heaven where the seed is implanted
in Consciousness it’s not logical symbolically to have Mary stay and have
the baby at home where the birth is of this mystical event was to occur
it is sacred to you when you have had the receptivity of being
touched the experience cannot be shared with the world this may occur while walking in
your garden it may happen over a cup of warm tea it may happen in front of your
fireplace but wherever it happens that place is sacred to
you you cannot bring it to the world because it’s yours and it’s yours alone
you must move and go somewhere to bring it to life and so The Story
Goes of traveling to Bethlehem to pay taxes for the census that is moving into
Caesar’s world where this event is going to take place what is more mundane than paying
taxes the story talks about the fact that they arrive at the end now realize
that they are outrageously poor and is not likely that they would have
any money for a room at the end realize also that this is in the story to allow
for rejection of the newness when you change and become a new
person how many people around you are going to accept the new
you people say you’re not as much fun or you you’re not making sense or you’re
not not the same there’s no room for you they want the old you they may want
the change to change themselves but they do not want you to change honest renewal engenders
criticism and rejection Mary and Joseph go to the
Inn going to the Inn was not an exception or an expectation of finding a room the Inn represents a place of
security it is warm and comfortable they go up impregnated with this whole Divine
expectation that is common to us all then the inkeeper says quote we
cannot accept you because we refuse to accept you there is no room at the
end the beauty of Christmas is courage in itself the courage to be that new
arrival and and to know that it is not necessarily going to be accepted by
those expecting the common place we talk about loving one another
and in some terms of burying the hatchet we put aside differences and we come
together in acceptance efforts of this nature do not always work that is represented by the
rejection at the end that is the rejection of security the beauty lies in the
realization that a new birth will bring about a wondrous change rejection is acknowledged as a
necessary part of the story and concept it is necessary because it will
put you in a position of dealing with adversity the inkeeper says
quote we do not have any room here however if you like you can go sleep out
there in the manger with the animals quote now we can see what this
whole thing is about we have to move our little secret place or from our little
secret place and safe place where the impregnation took place and bring it to Caesar’s world to pay taxes and be
counted and deal with authority if that was not enough to make it mundane you are now told that you can
go to sleep with the animals there is beauty
in this decision the inkeeper rejects and says
that he will not accept the change but nature does not reject
animals represent nature in all its forms willing to accept change willing because in nature itself
there is always rebirth we see it as Seasons the Cycles
change and nature changes with the cycles the wisdom inherent in the in
putting Mary out into the manger for this wonderful event is that quote this is what you must
do end quote you accept rejection from
humankind you accept rejection from your family and those around you you move
yourself to where there is no rejection possibly to the
animals to the trees certainly to the reality of nature as it exists all
around you the whole idea of Christmas tree is a representation of the manger it is
from the living part of nature camels and goats are awkward to bring into your
home so the tree represents bringing nature into wherever you are that is the
beauty of it it is representative to the very planet where we live and find
Joy the beauty of the tree represents your place of security as the manger does in the
story the understanding that the tree is from the Earth and out of nature is the
joining point there is no rejection in this bonding but rather full
acceptance everything in the story leads up to the baby’s birth Mary and Joseph settled down in
the manger which in those days were places dug out on on hillsides of a cave
often they were damp or hot depending on where they were located the location was
uncomfortable however we get the impression that they were very glad to settle down in this shelter the night
was very still it was a silent
night the new you is always born in solitude and quiet because it is done
within oneself and hidden from
World your first commitment is to yourself and your own awareness of this
new you this is in harmony with nature and
often at night where the activity of the world has been laid aside if you are not
in your own place alien to your spiritual nature then you must seek out
that right place to birth your savior after that you quietly return to
the world nowhere in the story is there mention of a screaming kicking
baby the star and the Shepherds provided necessary polarity the Shepherds were on the
hillside if the animals attacked the flocks after daylight the Shepherds could not see what was happening when
daylight broke they had to reform the herd but the glory The Story Goes quote
Shepherds were on the hillside and to the shepherd comes the Heavenly Host singing
Hallelujah we have in our midst a new
savior this is the Counterpoint the Babe is born in quiet
Solitude which is the condition you should reach for in your own
rebirth you don’t need a drum to get our attention or to announce look I’ve changed changed look what I have
accomplished we all know you’ve changed the message is obvious the message is
Heavenly it lights up the sky and it is told to what might be considered the
most unimportant individual around why did the Angels come to the
shepherd boy traditionally Shepherds were considered the most ignorant of children around they sat on the hillside
and got paid very little for it because they could do nothing else the story
tells us all of this happened in front of the shepherd boy who could not go and
tell anyone because they would not believe him anyway he was not an educated position
to spread the world or spread the word the story means that there is a
birth that you have accomplished so quietly that has brought you
has brought the new you into being this means so much to you it is so
private that you are not going to announce it it is announced but not
among the halls of the wealthy and the so-called powerful has announced to the
simplest and what appears to be the most unimportant
person you this is terribly important here
often when we think of change the first thing we want to do is walk around with a sandwich board that says I’ve changed
we want everyone to respond respond accordingly you do not need to do that
heaven itself recognizes that you have
changed how does heaven recognize that you have changed but part of the story and what
part of the meaning of This brilliant star and a host of angels and shepher boy is the story forces
jeene what is going to happen to you from this day
on all of Heavens
act as you change and give up your old image and
birth yourself a
new Heaven acts on your behalf when you do this quietly honestly simply and
harmoniously with the planet it will be told and retold and
told again there will be no mistaking that everything is different and has been laid out for
you everything has been put into place
your star shines the host
sings the simplest to people become aware of your presence at the very least this becomes
invigorating it is so meaningful because it guarantees that heaven itself the
universe itself is working on your behalf recognizing what you have
done you do not need anyone at the table to slap you on the back and say nice job
well done great change you do not need anyone to tell
you that you seem to be different you do not need a medal of
recognition the recognition has already come in you when you did it it is
already there for you when you allowed yourself to rec the recognition
that nothing is going to change that nothing is going to change
that we read about three wise men who also see the star and say that something is
happening and there’re they are visited by Angels who say go find the baby do
you see the polarity the angel is going to tell the shepherd boy and the angel
is also going to tell the wise men the message is is carried from the very bottom to the very top according to
Social strata wise men represent everything in the human social
strata such as the king of the world the wealthy the so-called powerful the
captain of industry three always indicates that heaven has talked to man
The Eternal triangle God man holy ghost three indicates communication of a
Heavenly nature it is the Purity and Essence that lights up our mental
fire Angels Sing to the shepherd boy Hallelujah we have among you us a new
savior they did not tell the shepherd boy to go to find the savior they did
not give him any instructions at all in the original story it was not
within the purview of the shepherd boy to go and seek out the child however the three wise men were
also visited by the angel and told in a fact go find the
child remember Heaven has already taken care of your
need Heaven has already made sure you will be identified as the new
person now to ensure this Heaven has gone to the very highest strata of the
world and said seek him
out here is your guarantee that the new you
does not have to go and seek you will be sought
after the new you the person of quality does not have to go out into the world
make calls make overtures seek out cocktail parties if you are truly reborn
at this time if you will leave your old you behind and become who you are as the
new then the universe will see to it that you are sought out by those who need to
find you the powerful the wealthy the
important people not necessarily of the world but of your life you will be sought out by the
people that you need to make your life
fulfilling and you do not have to make overtures all this will happen if there
is a new you it will not happen if there is not a new you but if there is then it cannot
be denied so as The Story Goes the wise men climb aboard their
camels they follow the star which is clearly seen they find their way to
Bethlehem to the manger they bring their gifts this represents those who seek you
out bring you what you need and
want this represents all the things of your Earthly
life they are the gifts of mankind and they are laid at your feet the baby did
not say thanks a lot they are beautiful since no acceptance was
needed when you turn and become Who You Are that knew you you do not have to
wait all year for those gifts those gifts are given now early in your
Simplicity in your Purity without Fanfare you are
adored you
are the original story tends to end there we not we do not read about more
gifts or the wise men depart or Joseph paying taxes or the census or whether or not they packed up and went home none of
that has to be the in the original story because it did not take
place it is a story that has been with us since the beginning of the planet it is a
Continuum of the reality of the planet was Jesus born
absolutely was Jesus born under those circumstances no he did not have to
be however there is nothing wrong with that because the story must be
perpetuated it will be perpetuated in one form or another it is not a story of
the Christ child it is the story of the Christ
you it is not the story of someone outside of
you it is the story of your
renewal it is not a story of Heaven making a gift to mankind it is the story
of Heaven making a gift to
you it is not a story of wise men seeking someone who is different it is a
story of someone seeking you out it is your story it is always your
story it was never designed to be anyone
else’s religion says quote it is mine and quote but it was never intended to
be that it is and was intended to be what we feel and enjoy the renewal the thrill
of being able to become something new in peace and Harmony and the Brotherhood
that many of us feel Christmas or Solstice if you wish more
than the calendar New Year New Year marks the quote thank God the year is
over with and I am ready to put myself together and be the me that I am
designed to be I recognize renewal Within Myself and
quote New Year’s parties are often anticlimactic in that we do not
participate when we do not practice this recognition of giving up the old person for the
new however when this letting go and renewal does take place
within in whatever magnitude it can it is good for the whole year it
does not have to be renewed in June July or
August Christmas Eve whether you celebrate on the eve of winter solstice or on December 24th is as significant as
the day itself you are in a position to depart from yourself you are in a position to
give up the old you with tremendous love you made it it has not been easy but you
did the best you could and you probably did very well under the circumstances
but it is not going away a departure a finishing a completion more than
anything it is is a letting go now it’s time for the complete
attitude that you let go of yourself yourself always first you let go of your attitudes
whether they be good or bad as you elevate them you let go of the of your wants and
your desires you let go of your fears you let go of your hopes let go of
everything Solstice Eve leades you completely empty literally
everything except expectations of yourself then zus day for whenever you
identify the time is the birth time for the labor to be finished and the renewal
to be realized there is a period between you
giving up and the birth time this is the period of Labor it is
the natural period of birth with pains and regrets bre and possibly some
tears there can be cleansing tears that recall your pain and failures a new you
is to be born and old you is going and it is going out without everything else
that existed with everything else that existed during the year you are giving
up freely you are saying goodbye to some
things to which you wish you did not have to say goodbye nevertheless you are
going to say goodbye so that you are open and aware to the new you and the new promise and
the new gifts from Heaven There is no other way of getting them than to be
open and have space for them there is a period of Labor it may
be a few hours it may be a few minutes it surely isn’t more than a day in and
of itself it is one of the most cleansing experiences that this story repres
represents it is the Silent Night the Stillness the
goodbye the time in the manger with nature with Earth itself in which you
commit to the harmony of Earth you have no interferences from
Caesar’s World there is stillness
quietness peace oh an understanding it is you with
you in moments before the new you becomes born it is undoubtedly the most
beautiful part of life the most interesting and lovable part of of it as that it occurs every
year it makes no difference 2,000 years or 200,000 years from now the story is
still going to exist the story will not change the meaning will not
change what is necessary is the way you go about being
you regardless of all the stories and traditions this is a personal event of
your life it is a time that has been set up for you and the heaven to be with each
other without interference this belongs to all of us and to each of us in very significant
way Heaven intends for us individually and colle ly to experience the beauty
the luster the excitement contained in this story as well as the calmness and purity
of acceptance May the greetings of Merry Christmas Happy Hanukah blessed Solstice
be a salutation not spoken lightly and passing to others as much as it is a
greeting first to you then to heaven then to both of you together in
the ultimate form of Joy so he writes the
next the private moments what to do so I’m going to share this with
you put yourself into the flow of the Earth’s Harmony today can be an important exercise that
will assist you throughout the next 12 months
consider taking time to do the
following remove yourself completely from the world its noise and its
demands sit quietly and let your physically your physically
senses flow outward until you feel
remove and empty yourself think of Earth by thinking of
nature feel yourself in attachment to Nature to its vegetation animals the
flow of its Waters and the strength of it rocks and
mountains release everyone who has come into your life this year so that they are free to move in
whatever Direction they so
choose and then one by one reintroduce your
senses first touch then smell then
taste then listen and lastly
sight and at this point light a single candle and let its Radiance bathe across
your face lastly remind yourself that you are an
important member of the universal family your position here is exactly what it is
supposed to be and your role is as important and
singularly needed as that of any element of the universal
whole have a warm loving fulfilling Solstice and the most enjoyable exciting
experiences possible in the months