Allow the sound of your voice to energize your life!

SOUNDShifting is an empowering book for anyone who is consciously choosing to create new habits of health, joy and fulfillment in their everyday life.

Tryshe Dhevney, sound healing expert, has developed and refined the highly effective toning techniques of SOUNDShifting for more than twenty years. She is an award-winning actor and director and has been honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and praised for her musical collaborations. As a recording artist and authority in the field of vocal sound healing, Tryshe’s work and teaching have been inspired through her own personal healing journey from a potentially fatal illness to complete health and well-being. Her work with sound and body/mind integration is considered groundbreaking and forms the foundation for her weekly seminars and this book. She lives in Tucson, Arizona with her best friend and husband, Tim, and their beloved cat, Calloway.

“Years have passed since my doctor declared me “cured” of hepatitis C and liver disease, and the alchemy of sound continues to reveal its mysteries and magic. Layer by layer, these sound currents offer keys to tangible bliss. The power inherent in the voice to elevate vibration, heal and balance the body/brain, and open the unlimited potential encoded in each cell rests at the tip of the tongue. If your life is dominated by a health crisis, or you long for calm at the center of emotional turbulence or stand at one of many crossroads in your delicious life, I honor your creation. It is the contrast you have been waiting for, one that will cast your net upon the sea of possibility. You are eager to set the course for this journey, knowing it is an adventure in magic and wonder…”
~ Preface

“…Sometime in my early days of meditation, a passing comment from a yoga instructor had elbowed its way into my consciousness and had remained there. The thought was simple: sound energizes the breath. Another dot was connected when I read somewhere in a medical journal the phrase a virus cannot exist in an oxygen-rich environment. BANG! It hit me. My toning might, in fact, be oxygenating my blood and lymph systems, strengthening my immune system. This, in turn, might be allowing my body to do what it does naturally—activate the vitality of each cell thereby allowing my body to BE WELL. This seemed bigger than me.”
~ Chapter 2 

Excerpts from SOUNDShifting ~ Your Personal Guide to Self-Healing with Sound
by Tryshe Dhevney

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SOUNDShifting – Your Personal Guide to Self-Healing with Sound is a wonderful introduction into the power of using sound for healing. Tryshe Dhevney’s insights, teaching and simple exercises gives the reader an immediate entry into this ancient world of healing. Her gift with sound and voice began first with her personal experience of healing through toning – an authentic initiation and calling into mastery of this healing art. I enthusiastically recommend “SOUNDShifting” and Tryshe Dhevney’s work to anyone with an interest in sound, healing, or a new way of experiencing their relationship with their body.
Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona 

“What a fantastic book! Sound Shifting gets right to the heart of how to understand and use sound to manage stress and healing in your own life or in your work with others. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, you will find great tools, exercises and ways to explore the transformational power of sound.”
Jonathan Ellerby Ph.D., best-selling author of “Inspiration Deficite Disorder,”
“Your Spiritual Personality” and “Return to the Sacred:Pathways to Awakening,

“It’s a WONDERFUL book, and the manner in which you write and make what you’ve learned accessible to readers is notably professional and a “gift” to us.”
Larry Koss, Bainbridge Island, WA

“Tryshe Dhevney is a sound pioneer, and her groundbreaking book SOUNDShifting,  shares a single resounding truth — we can all THRIVE JOYOUSLY by using our voice to create health — mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have toned every day of my life since my first sound session with Tryshe two years ago, and I am happier, healthier and freer than I have ever been.”
Joan Steuer, President, Chocolate Marketing, LLC.

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