Lapis Ensemble

Lapis Ensemble is the creation of Tryshe Dhevney and Chandra Lear. The blend of these two unique voices creates a sound that both transports and transforms the listener. Through direct inspiration, they weave elemental tones into intricate harmonies that are evocative, evolutionary and profoundly transcendent.

Each song is a musical improvisation. Drawn together from another realm of consciousness, these sonic codes are expressed through two voices, accompanied by the harmonic resonance of Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls. The stunning harmonies and overtones that result, evoke a sacred inner-space that is both ethereal and accessible.

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“This amazing debut release presents a unique and totally original expression of rarified mystic states. The sense of a sacred ceremony occurring at the site of the Oracle of Delphi or some unknown sacred site in the ancient past or distant future is conjured up at once. The best part of this etheric encounter is that it creates a palpable experience of Sacred Space. On each play of the CD the spaces seems to appear and recede to a place that lives beyond the recorded medium. A must have for deep listeners looking for deep spaces for renewal and reflection.”

-Steve Roach,  World renowned electronic music pioneer, composer and performer –

“As I relax into the richly textured music of LAPIS ENSEMBLE, I experience vibrational healing at its most fundamental. Tryshe Dhevney and Chandra Lear have created music that is a restorative journey for the body, mind and spirit…one of sonic immersion that inspires, expands and sustains well-being.”

-Andrew Weil, M.D.  Best selling author and integrative medicine pioneer

“I love Tryshe Dhevney’s work, and her collaboration with Chandra Lear brings a depth and harmonic quality that is like nothing I’ve ever heard.  Every time I listen to this I get something different and wonderful out of it. It is a masterpiece, and according to the CD liner notes, it was recorded live, which is utterly mind-blowing!  The songs evolve and grow in extraordinary ways, and the entire album is a lush, rich, ethereal healing journey.” 

– Eric K. Carr, hypnotherapist –

listen to a sample

Beyond the Wind

Blossom and Fruit

Still Point High