SoundShifting™ interactive lectures are experiential, and offer new perspectives and insights that underscore the impact of the human voice on our day-to-day life. Tryshe shares practical tools and applications for “sound” health as well as the latest research on sound healing. Her style is entertaining and engaging for audiences of all ages. Lectures are typically 60 to 90 minutes in length. Lecture titles include:

 Open Wide, Say Ahh:Stress-Reduction in 10 Seconds or Less

Suppose a sound from your own voice could instantly reduce stress and change the quality of your health? As evidenced by her own healing from a fatal illness by using sound and toning, Tryshe offers a direct experience of sound as a healing modality. In this lecture, she teaches the tones that impact your cellular and molecular structure, shift brain states, transform consciousness and allow well-being.

What Is The Sound of Your Voice Saying?

Your voice reflects more than the words you communicate – it reflects your inner character. In this interactive lecture, you will explore ways to release vocal “blocks” and use your voice more authentically and effectively to bring power your communication and balance to your life.

Sound Sleep: Get the Sleep You’ve Been Dreaming About

Feeling crabby lately? It could be you aren’t getting enough sleep and the stressors facing us daily radically affect the way we sleep. So how do we unwind? The remedy is as effortless as it is powerful. Learn specific “sound” tools and strategies that allow your own voice to reduce stress, shift brain states and give you the good night’s rest you’ve been dreaming about.

Speak As If It Matters: How Your Words Affect Your Reality

When you speak, do your words empower or sabotage your life? It might surprise some to realize that your body believes every word you say. Words matter, and what matters most to you becomes “matter.” In this lecture, Tryshe explores the impact language has on shaping your actual reality. Discover the difference conscious language can have on your overall health and well-being.  This lecture will easily adapt to a workshop.

Your Voice As Energy Medicine

Sound therapy is rapidly becoming recognized as a powerful healing tool. Acoustic researcher, Fabien Maman, has studied the effects of sounds on cancer cells. His research shows that certain tones, particularly those from the human voice can stop the growth of cancer cells. In this unique workshop, Sound Healing expert, Tryshe Dhevney, will teach how to create specific vocal sounds that act as harmonic activation on a cellular level. Whether you have experience with toning or just beginning, this workshop will bring you valuable insights and techniques to awaken the healer within. You will learn and experience:

  • How to create specific primordial tones for self-healing.
  • How to synchronize your voice and breath for optimum health.
  • How to instantly reduce stress, oxygenate the blood and lymph systems and stimulate the immune and endocrine systems.

Hum More, Live Longer

Ever catch yourself humming for no reason?  Even if you can’t carry a tune, humming is making a very positive difference in your mood. It may even help your sinuses stay healthy.  The effects of humming are nothing if not practical, portable and highly beneficial to your health. Learn how to put your lips together and hum the stress away.

Finding Your Voice 101: 7 Steps to Awaken and Strengthen the Voice

Does your voice sound confident and authentic? Become acquainted with your voice in a new way. Learn easy tools to strengthen the whole voice as an instrument and speak with more power, passion and authenticity. We learn a great deal about a person by listening to their voice.  What is your voice saying about you?