A Feast of Sound, Part II

Hungry for living sound?

Sourced from Universal intelligence, these organic harmonically curated Entrees are adapted toward the luxuries of the soul.

Each nutrient-rich entree tames the heat of the moment, masters mental indigesters, elevates one’s taste for life and satisfies the hungry heart.

Chakra vortexes submerged in breath and liquid light are tossed with fresh insights and perspectives. Each chakra vortex is slow-toned to perfection to insure capacity for the fullness of being, light garnishment of language signatures to support personal mastery and deep satisfaction.

A perfect indulgence for the spiritually ravenous, this main course is guaranteed to deliver any time of day or night. Kid-friendly.

Uhh – I Have (root)
Ooh – I Feel (sacral)
Ehh – I Act (solar plexus)
Ahh – I Love (heart)
Ooo – I Speak and I am Heard (throat)
Eee – I See (third eye)
Mmm – I Know (crown)

(Single-toned options available upon request)

This low calorie high flavor raw food delights all seekers of Authenticity. A layered harmonic indulgence, the inner song explodes with unimagined fragrances and flavors, exciting all your senses.

Designed for the intimate cravings of hearts-in-transition, this entree is intentionally curated from the exotic depths of one’s harmonic core. Served with presence and a dash of innocence, this Inner Song entree is a rare dish for the spiritual adventurer.

Each song is inspired, tossed with crunchy cubes of purpose and passion and drizzled with wonder.

With each bite, you will know you are seated at the table of Heaven on Earth!

Eat with Soul!