Conversation With Cinda Lonsway


hello hello dearest how are you it’s so great Trish
what a thrill and I just for those of you who are are listening to this after
the fact this morning I get a text from my friend Cinda this is my friend Cinda
longsway and we I had asked her to um give me a sense of what the album the
music I sent her of the way of sky there it is
um how what was her effect and I I hadn’t heard from her and I thought well she’ll get to it when when it happens well this morning I open up my text and
it exploded with Cinda and it was so
so moving I had to call you and and get the feedback directly I it was uh an
extraordinary share of such a such vulnerability and I thank you so much for taking a moment to be with me so
tell me what was your experience oh my gosh okay so there is
so much there’s so much and and I know that I sent you a written text and then
that wasn’t enough so I’ve had to send multiple audio texts you could hear my
reaction in my voice and then when we talked it was still and I said okay this
is ridiculous we got to I really felt the need to be able to
share this with especially your fan base because it is so important and it’s so important
and um but you know I I mean I don’t even know where to
begin should I just tell the whole story yeah do that do that and and yeah and we
can then discuss afterwards but yeah tell them what happened okay well first of all maybe people who don’t know who I
am should I introduce myself please yeah yeah yeah okay I mean it’s no big deal but okay so my name is Cinda longsway
and I am an author as well as a spiritual advisor and counselor and I
well Trisha you and I met at an event in La that you and I had both been invited
to and we were drinking coffee and you sat down with me and that’s where we fell madly in love with each other and
have established a friendship and that was back in what 2012.
13 12 or 13. something like that yeah yeah yeah so it’s been it’s been a while and since then whenever you travel to
the Northwest you come and or I you know I fan girl all over you and I go to your events or I invite you to mine and uh
and because of that I know there are so many people here especially in Portland Oregon where I’m from that just
appreciate what you offer them in your healing with the sound bowls and it is
so incredible um just so incredible I so
you do this Facebook live and I’m like oh my gosh Trisha’s on you know Facebook
live so I go on and I watch it and you’re promoting your new album and you’re talking about the profound
synchronicities that allowed this to so seamlessly fall into place okay so I am
a believer in science anyone who has read my books know it’s all about signs for me and so when things happen so
flawlessly and sort of the universe opens up to you I know magic is at play
so I already had that in my mind okay so I couldn’t wait so I I had it
download it on my phone and I um and then I just sort of forgot to sort of
forget well I’m one of the many people on this planet that have been waking up with night terrors night and anxiety
right I just wake up in a pure panic and I know that’s because of the storm
that’s happening in the world right now and all the Duality that’s happening and all the fighting and and you against me
and and the separation and the political and really all of that is being
uh exasperated because of the media right the media is manipulating all of
it and those of us that are buying it right so so anyway I wake up I’m gonna
say three nights ago last night being the third I wake up three nights ago and
in my nine anxiety and I went okay wait wait because what do I do do I need to
meditate do I need to listen to something and I remembered your new album The Way of this guy so I
put my headset on I turned it on and the first song was so calming and so
beautiful and everything I knew it would be and it called me enough that then I
could turn it off and fall asleep second night same thing but right before
I put my headset on I was hearing a noise outside in our cul-de-sac a car driving around at a weird hour I got up
looked out the window saw what appeared to be my neighbor getting in a car and leaving that morning I mean I listened
to your music again fell asleep that morning I find out that there was a
burglary in our neighborhood a neighbor lost two cars another house was broken into stuff was stolen off their counter
and I just thought oh my gosh what an invasion I mean like I have reason to be afraid I have reason to wake up and be
anxious and so then last night
last night I same thing I wake up about one o’clock sheer Panic what’s happening what’s
happening I listen for cars driving in the cul-de-sac I’m like all right this is ridiculous oh let me listen to Trish
let me listen to Trish so I put the headset on and I listened to one song it’s calming and then another song comes
on and it’s haunting I don’t know what other word to
say that there’s this one of the bowls whatever Bowl you are playing has such a low frequencies like
whoa and I’m feeling it in my torso and in my
upper legs and my lower arms and and I’m like oh my God this is not helping this
is freaking made me us out I’m all right this is not helping and
I’m like oh my God it is seemed to be amplifying
almost my anxiety but but because it was you playing and because I have seen you
play live so many times I could see you doing this and I’m like her eyes are
closed she’s in the zone I’m safe I’m safe just write it out
and then ding the
the higher frequency ball comes in and in my mind I’m like there they are the
Angels have arrived I’m getting Goosebumps the angels have arrived those that know me know that that’s the realm
I work with that realm and Grace and so I’m like there they’re they’re here they’re here and
yet that lower frequency was still playing the lower frequency and then the
higher frequency and I went oh my God Trish is creating this Duality this
fight between the light and the dark and the light and the dark and I see and I’m
like this is fascinating how is she capable of playing both at the same time
and and and I’m just in I mean I’m sitting there transfixed right it’s just
in my ears my room is Pitch Black I’m just fascinated and observing and listening
and then and then I realized something
show freaking profound which is why we are talking and that is that in my mind’s eye and my
excuse me in my mind in my thoughts the way that we have all been programmed
is to recognize the extreme Polar Opposites that Duality and to recognize
it as one versus the other a battle between light and dark and and I’m sitting there
saying but this you know and to recognize that the other is bad versus where I like to hang out
and I’m having these thoughts as this music is playing and I’m realizing
but wait but wait this is Trish
and she’s playing both and this is music that is resonating
through her through these bowls to me there is no freaking Duality here
this is one person playing two parts and yet and the more I leaned in and the
more I listened I recognized that they weren’t separate that in fact they were
harmonizing with each other so here was this low frequency that made
me anxious and here was this high frequency that I could relate to and yet
the end result is and the profound lesson that I came away from Trish is
that there is no such thing as Duality it
does not freaking exist meaning the
Creator is the creator is the Creator and when we take it down to the micro
level here you are the Creator channeling the Creator creating two
tones that are harmonizing together there was no there is no separateness
there is no Duality it is an illusion it is a story We Tell ourselves that is
wrong that is wrong and so I in that moment
opened my eyes and I went holy I have got it wrong it is not me versus
them it is not US versus them no matter what the media says it it you know we
yes we’re individuals and yes we need to do what is right for us but we can
co-exist with other people with other beliefs with other ways of living in
other religions there is no fear we can live in harmony
[Laughter] wow
and what you’re describing is like harmonic polarities where that we have that deep emulsive
dark delicious wet a little scary vulnerable energy and then we move into
this harmonic almost a Vortex a Stairway and the light
comes in and then they start working together to really weave the tapestry of
our Humanity that does contain all oh it contains all I have room for everything
I accept my darkness I accept the lightness of my being and there is
another track that’s called the fullness of being and I think it’s right after that particular track and the fullness
of being when I listen to that it’s as though I feel myself birthing
and evolving and opening and opening I feel every harmonic potential come alive
in me I didn’t think like that I wasn’t inside a thought when I was recording
this but when I listened I realized oh my word this is incredible I’m feeling
all of the the excitement the harmonic tonal Vitality that exists in me the
potential of everything and I could feel it come online and it got bigger and it got bigger and it got big I mean it’s so
each of these sounds these these traps are telling a a fragment of that story
that evolutionary uh uh the evolution of of being really and when we want when I
finish that track oh I’m gonna die I I the the it’s called recalibrate I left
the recording studio and went into the into the booth where the the engineers
were and one of them was saying oh my God what the f was that
and it was it was the same feeling it’s like that moved
that moved tectonic plates within him within me I could feel I was still kind
of stupefied and uh uh it was and then when we gave
it a second listen I could see the Cinematic scope of that particular track
it was mind-bending and I you know as you know I am in a Zone I have no idea
what these Transmissions are and I find that every time I listen I’m a
bit different my my cells have shifted just in a tiny
way to absorb a new spectrum of that sound and of that light it’s really
really something so to hear you talk about this way was blowing my mind
because you tapped it well you know I it’s interesting because you know I have it playing one after the
other after the other so if that wholeness song the fullness came right after that could
have been when I had this profound realization you know it could have just
been part of it could have just led into the next piece which brought in this
awareness of of how powerful
um this message is you know without you even realizing what what the message is
I mean it sounds like you just tapped into something and it affected everyone in the studio listening to you and then
I mean you know I just need you to know that the people who are listening with their headsets on are like what is this
and while I challenge everybody to listen I mean I think it it kind of
helps to start at the beginning and go through it to get to that point
um but the profoundness and and to go here’s that one piece I heard Trish and Sydney Cinder talking about
I I really want to recognize the importance of what it means to not live
in a world of Duality yes yes and I have to tell you when I I had no album
concept I had nothing except 50 bowls
and and the opportunity and believe you me if it’s hard to describe how extraordinary
this opportunity was because it was a call out of the blue where this
unbelievable beautiful talented couple who owned this of a recording studio in
Oklahoma called the music group and invited me to come and record so that
was the overarching gift almost that the Universe was working through them to
bring this about and so I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of a concept
so that you’re hearing what I felt after listening is extraordinary because we
are are moving in the same with the same desire we are literally calling forth
this this music if you will um and I I didn’t
I didn’t labor in any kind of idea of how this would change the world that was not it was just who am I in this moment
and just be present with these bolds and and you know I don’t know if I shared
with you the bowls I’m using are so unusual and I could never have recorded
anywhere else but at this place because they have the the technology to record
at a very high bit rate which means very high Ultra HD high def so that
everything is captured you hear the nuance and so as I’m listening back I’m
stunned at the at the play the interplay of these bowls and how they have
conversations so my only job is to be a bowl so that I don’t interfere with any
of the conversation I’m just the activator and yet I’m the music as the
musician I am also moving the Divine through me to use a phrase
um but I have these big huge huge 16 inch what is called super great bowls
the sound that these bowls make and the inner play that they have is so enduring
the Decay is very long so I can activate a bowl and it just
continues continues continues continues which allows me to bring in other subtle
sounds as needed but the key piece for me was do not overplay don’t get in
there and get get you because the music really wants to be
extended expanded and I wanted to experience the depth of the sound as it
just kept unwinding me yeah yeah yeah yeah oh I I and you did
that you absolutely did that I know that when you know I’ve listened to many of
your songs many of your albums and I you know and and they’re all so profound and
really quickly I think it was your chakra one that I was listening to after I had a serious
leg injury on a hike and um and I was listening to it and my leg
just started to jump off the bed and I was just watching it go boom boom boom
as whatever it was that you were playing you know I was vocalizing yeah yeah the
the primordial tones right and and it it was
I mean it wasn’t even going it was going through me but I felt it nowhere else but in my leg it was just so bizarre and
I don’t even remember what chakra it was that did that and and I will forever be
profoundly grateful for that moment but I’m also
in awe of the whole process that you have of when you’re playing and I know
that you know sometimes when people play the bowl and most certainly whenever I try and I’m not talented you can hear
the friction if that’s the right word of the wand on the road right and you can
hear it until the bull comes to life right until the bowl finally comes to life and then
you you can start playing it or hear its resonance the
um but especially in this album and probably in all the others is you don’t
hear that drag you don’t hear that friction and I am in awe of that and it
occurred to me and you just validated it with what you said is in order for that
not to be there that was the question I was asking how is it not there how is it
that we aren’t hearing the the the wand on the bowl scratching it as it’s
bringing the bull to life and the answer I came up with was that that bowl
already has to be alive by your presence so you bring the presence of your own
frequency that is already activating the bowl that all you need to do is ding it
or start start the the ceremony or the Symphony of that particular terrible and
there’s no friction because it’s already alive it’s already it’s already vibrating is that true because that’s
what it sounds like you know it feels that way because my job is to not play
the ball but to be a bowl [Laughter] that’s
it’s entering a field where I’m just becoming in the same flow as the bowl so
when I play It’s almost like I’m feeling the dance of sound move through me move
through the wand and and and activate the ball and I often tell my
students no need to push or play the balls just wait for the bull and the
wand to top to connect and at that point you are in the throes you are in the
swell of sound so don’t push it don’t insert yourself well that same thing is
like I I did not want to insert myself in this I wanted to be as much a witness
as the musician and um and in so doing I just became the
transmission I became the the what was moving through me and you know as I tell you I listened
back and I think how did this how in the world did those little sounds and
I have to say you know I was working with Master technicians Master Engineers so they have the equipment they had the
that we were sort of mixing uh they were mixing on the on the spot at one point
uh the engineer had a question and we were looking about something so he said well let me let me reach out to my um
the the guy who does all of our Master work mastering work and he sent uh the
track over and the guy immediately uh called back and he said I wouldn’t touch this with a 10-foot pole because when
you start to master music like this would be compressed to such a degree you wouldn’t hear what you’re hearing now
I would be interrupting that and he had such a respect for it in fact he said how in the world is this music being
created and so LG the the engineer I was working with he sent him a picture he
said this is what she’s doing this is what it looks like so um yeah it’s just me with these
extraordinary bowls and the last track is me playing all of the bones all at
once I don’t think I’ve heard that yet I’m so excited I mean I haven’t even heard the whole album
I’m calling you because I think I mean if I looked at my phone it would tell me where I am
I mean it is so incredible anyway so you are actually
playing all 50 of your bones yes I set them up in a circle and I just walked around walked around played them all
played them all play them all and I was stunned when I heard back
how congruent everything was the cohesion and I call the track continuity because
every sound came together all the layers of overtones because believe me one tone
one Bolton can create or does create 12 overtones and those 12 overtones create
12 more overtones so there’s layer upon layer upon layer of information harmonic
information we can’t hear we don’t have the the wherewithal in our in our auditory
structure to hear that but the body does the body’s feeling it so as I hear all
these Bulls being played the layers I’m struck by how harmonic it is even though
you played it once wow you know so
first of all I’m in complete awe of your talent my friend how extraordinary is
that but I am also you know I’m reminded how
the healing of these bowls and toning with your own voice brought about your own healing
right and then and how it then also helped to heal my injury and my leg and
speed up the healing process to how now it is my belief that what I experienced
from the music is was not only healing for me because I believe that so many so
much of my nighttime anxiety is based on The Duality that I was experiencing in
the world and how are we ever going to come together before there’s World War III you know it’s like what what do we
do how do we go about this healing and I realized how important it is to heal
ourselves first to to start with the micro before we worry or do anything
about the micro the macro so to heal myself and to understand the truth and
the fact that there is no such thing as Duality that that within me I can co-exist with my ego in my spirit the
dark and the light the good and the bad I can coexist in harmony live in harmony
literally because we’re talking about sound and that then once I’ve healed that that
will become the reality in the macro which is that resonance that resonance
is felt but it has to start within and so I beg everyone to listen to all of
your pieces but specifically those two of what did you call the two the two
ones from on this particular the the um
it’s with the waters and then recalibrate and then the fullness of being there are seven tracks so they all
sort of Arc into the evolution of that so you were right at the depths of your
birthing literally the depth of my birthing and I just I think it is so needed in the
world right now that if people can recognize that Duality is not real it’s
none of them versus me us it is that we can co-exist we can co-exist in Harmony
and you don’t have to change in order for me to be in the same room with you you know I think that that is so
so important and um so volunteers you know and yeah so so I
just the profoundness of it starting with your own healing and then taking
the healing the physical healing of you to the physical healing of my leg to the
spiritual healing to now the expansion of that and taking this resonance out
into the world to help heal the world and I believe and and without a doubt that that was
why everything happened the way that it did for you I’m
going to sneeze um so you know just everything happened for
you so easily so flawlessly so seamlessly and then for you to be able
to produce with these with this production team and the studio such a
beautiful sacred piece of Healing Art for the whole world to listen to wow
shout out to Chris friels and LG Hamilton they were the Masters at the board and uh and they created they
opened the space to be able to capture the most magnificent bowls I’ve ever had
a chance to work with because I can take these I do take these as in a in a
concert setting and it’s amazing they’re huge the sound they create is
otherworldly as you touched into it it’s a haunting beauty that these produce but at the
same time it’s like you bypass the the fear and really move into coherence with
that as a part of my the richness of who I am as uh and the depths of who I am as
a human being but uh yeah I’m um I’m looking forward to getting on the road
with these bowls it’s uh it’s gonna take a little you know creative thinking uh
because they don’t they well I actually took some I would over I traveled to a
wedding the in June and I had these big bowls and we were able to play in an
environment that I didn’t expect would be so copacetic to to that but yeah so I’ll look forward to in the future
coming to um a sanctuary near you
I’ll be there you bet I won’t be and you know I I took this um
I took this profound experience that I had last night to a Women’s Circle online that I joined
and I started to talk to them about about what had happened and one of them
you have actually met before her name is Sharon Raji Maynard and oh right right
yeah so she she um came up she she calls herself uh
um a galactic mystical Shaman and she came up with a story
of our Galactic history as to why I had experienced this profound this profound
moment and you know if it’s okay with you this is a little bit spontaneous I think that we should pause this video
we can end this video and start another one and bring her on for a second video
and include her in her history of what it might mean or
would you be open to that should we try it how do we do that would we just do it uh
you know on a on a speakerphone or just have another video a second video I
think I think we should wrap this one up and do a whole second video with her and
I’ll call her right now so we can do it right right now if so if she’s available
I think we can do that so let’s read this one up all right anything else did we cover what we wanted to do thank you
well I just want to know for those of you who are looking to have I do have this in hard disk and you can get it on uh but it’s also on every platform uh from uh you know Apple
music to Pandora to Spotify to Amazon to title to Dexter you know to all all
manner of streaming services so if you are interested uh
tap on and and um and share with the world thank you
remember this this is fabulous all right I’m trying to see if I had a copy of my
book that I could show people but I don’t so no well for this for Sharon’s
conversation Bring it on I love you so much I’m in such ah and I
will be forever ever grateful to you my dear friend thank you see you on the next soon with
Sharon I hope okay bye bye