Crystal SoundEnergy™
Practitioner Training

Are You Ready To Become A Certified Crystal SoundEnergy Practitioner™?

Crystal SoundEnergy
Level 1 – Foundations

Are You Ready To Unlock The Real Power Of Your Authentic Voice? Maybe You are Ready For A New Relationship To Health and Healing? In our foundational work with Embodied sound, ones own voice provides the gateway to whole body health, creative freedom and the discovery of ones True Identity. Integrate with Alchemy crystal singing bowls and awaken an intuitive power unequaled in its healing depth and scope. Join us for Return to Wholeness: An Encounter with Sound and let sound create a bridge from where you are to who you are.

Crystal SoundEnergy
Level 2 – Advanced

Working with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls as a practitioner is an ever-evolving practice of merging matter and essence within the sounding field to create an invitational space for you and your clients to step into what is truly possible. Our advanced Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner Certification Program is a comprehensive program for those practitioners who are ready to upgrade their personal attunement, use the voice and intuitive sound as an integrative pathway to wholeness, and harness the power of crystal sound energy to create whole body health and wellbeing at every level.

Crystal SoundEnergy
Level 3 – Mastery 


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