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Return To Wholeness: Module 1

June 25 - June 27


Your Sensational Body

Module 1 will be a rediscovery of the physical Self, at a cellular level. Your body is your creation. It is your physical expression of the innate, organic biological wisdom you came to manifest. Otherwise known as your true nature, it is the purest expression of your highest awareness, stored within each cell of your body—skin, tissues, muscles, organs and bones.

Contained within of your sensational body is a unique vibratory signature created in perfect harmony and flow with nature herself. Yet, for most, the adult body is burdened by survival, – a source of stress, illness and fatigue. Instead of honoring your body and its wisdom, you may be fighting against it or ignoring its signals which lead to more stress, breakdown, and in many cases, disease. When the body is denied, or feelings are stuffed, the flow of energy in the physical, emotional and spiritual life is blocked or weakened.

You are embarking on an intimate homecoming — one where you are building Somatic awareness, becoming reacquainted with your physical body and its sensation language. You will begin to understand how to move beyond ignorance or lack of understanding into knowledge and wisdom. Though your body holds the story of your survival, becoming aware of the stories frees you to choose differently — to exist, safely and confidently within this physical realm.

This work returns you to a physical and emotional feeling state of non-resistance, a sensation of complete letting go of the need to manage, change and control your world. Non-resistance is the fertile template upon which your natural state of physical harmony unfolds…if you allow it. When experiencing non-resistance, the frequency patterns in your body energetically restructure a state of intrinsic creation able to allow optimum health, creative fulfillment, self love, passion and joyful living to express through you at every level of your human experience.

In this module you will:
*Discover tools for creating the conditions of non-resistance in your physical and mental processes
*Awaken to the sensation of your body’s preferences vs your mental “should’s”
*Learn to interpret your body’s internal and external messaging systems
*Unlock your feeling truth, in a safe and supportive environment
*Learn tools to clear imbalances & disharmony that no longer serve you
*Nourish your own body of light with sound
*Express primordial tones to focus, awaken and align the Energy Vorteces that balance the endocrine system and create powerful healing states
*Lay the foundation for self-confidence and intuitive clarity as you approach working with the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls (For Sound Healing Practitioners)

Your total investment for all three modules: $4444

To register, please click here to place your $750 deposit.

For more information, please click here to visit the Return to Wholeness information page.


June 25
June 27
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Hacienda Del Sol
Tucson, Arizona