High Heart Activation

High Heart Activation

The primary focus for this activation is integrating the Human Heart love energy with the dimension of Divine Love, a focus of the Heart Chakra.

The alchemy of sound can help raise your base human vibrations and open the awakened dimension of Being. This multi-dimensional harmonic activation of Love radiates powerful yet gentle tones and sound codes designed to recalibrate your energy body and awaken within your cells the sweet nectar of higher love.

To best receive High Heart Activation:

Relax onto your couch, chair or mat and let go of the muscles in your jaw and tongue. Breathe gently as you allow the layers of harmony to drift over and through you, as if cradled in a loving embrace.

Let the sensation of innocence expand in your heart-center, as you release old patterns no longer in service to your highest choice. Plant the thought seed that you live in a state of loving acceptance of yourself and others.

You are worthy of love.