In What Ways Will I Choose to Use Energy?

It’s early morning. In what ways will I choose to use energy today?

Lately, I’ve been held hostage by avoidance…aka, fear of taking next steps. On the surface these baby procrastination beasties seem relatively banal, but spiritually I can’t afford to stay blind to the sticky, steamy mound of procrastination blocking passage to my next delicious learning experience.

Then again, maybe this is the deeper learning presenting itself for me right now. Hmmmm. That might explain why I read what I read last night which grabbed my heart and squeezed.

“There is nothing I can give you that you do not have, but I will give you all that I have for no other reason than I am not allowed to keep it.”

Why am I tearing up even as I write this?

I’ll fumble through a response. Maybe because I know within me, beyond all things, I have yet to fully use the energy available each day to Co-create my life.

The phrase, “not allowed to keep it” echos through my nervous system; maybe because ‘it’ always is. There is no owning nor hoarding it. The only requirement is for me to use it as a co-creator.

In the face of fear, this sacred energy food, this mana from heaven, is wasted. It’s as though I’m stuck in the bell jar of procrastination, inches away from the nutrients my soul is seeking.

So sad. I awoke, shaken…

Procrastination is a deliberate act of non creation where I find myself forced off track, side-lined by stupid stuff like not knowing how to do something or meet someone, frustrated over face book and other tech… or other people’s choices… or being too old to start something new… or concerned over world affairs beyond my control.

Like I said, stupid stuff.

This new energy is forcing me to become more aware of myself, to recognize my true identity beyond personality and outworn perceptions, and stop pretending that I can’t. I’ve been missing the point of my existence. Mystically speaking, which is the reality of record for me now, I am here to be a conscious co-creator with universal force. That’s it!!!!

This experience is really hard to describe,

because each of us has a different point of reference and reflection. That said, it felt like every cell in my body was being impressed into action. I was moving from my head to my cells, where KNOW-ing is always present within me.

I hear this all the time, but I’m not always tuned to the right channel to get the message.

At this stage of my personal growth, I’ve learned to tap into my body’s authentic sensation, feel (not intellectually interpret) the vibrating energy pulse, and apply this transcendent power as action as I set out on my uniquely divine course… for today.

With no required intention or goal to launch energy, I simply use it, thus become a co-creator with universal source energy. Whew!

Today Facebook is my processing platform… out loud and in print… and I choose this day to stop dragging my spiritual feet, and remember I have a pure, infinite energy source generating for me, through me, as me, to apply as the co-creator I’m designed to be.

It’s up to me to direct this energy, and not conform myself to the ignorance of fear.

Simply get out of my way and CHOOSE TO USE THE ENERGY, Tryshe.

My rewards are experienced in my alignment.

Facebook, as my vehicle of engagement, is no longer my nemesis. I am choosing to tap the infinite flow of universal energy in a way that feels personal and co-creative. Come, let’s tap our cups together and sip from the source.

I celebrate the Me I greet in You this day.

In service to sound,