It’s a Matter of Perception

That’s easy, right? I mean, understanding what it means to Perceive…to come to realize or understand something…is pretty straight forward when one is bound by lack of conscious awareness, as I was. My best effort led me to understand the act of perceiving as a function of intellect…alone.
A recent late night dive into mystical readings (my current fave, The Law of All Laws: the Ancient Techniques of Co-Creative Meditation as told by Gregge Tiffen) is stirring something so deep, my being feels ripped from the safe shores of my own creation (in the nick of time). As I read, each word seems to cast me further into the ocean of untethered bliss.
I’m remembering something!!!!!
To hold onto to ‘the old’ is a waste of my precious energy. I get it, now is the time to release my grip on past understandings, traditions, beliefs, even relationships and become fully conscious of what it means to align with universal law.
I’m getting chills!
To not act on this ancient knowing is to deny the fullness of my own being.
Okay….more please!
“Every person is capable of being and using anything which he perceives. Thus if s/he conforms to universal law, s/he may affect any part of the universe of which s/he is conscious and have it conform to her/his will.
I continued reading, “This is my birthright! It is my statement of co-creativity. It is my assurance as a god unit. The only thing that prevents me from co-creating is, Am I perceiving it?”
“Not, am I looking at it. I can look at you, but I do not perceive you at all. To perceive is an important word because it institutes and means that I understand it’s whole meaning and being and Force and that I can align that to what is in me. I understand that what I perceive issues forth from me.”
My cells seem to dance in recognition.
I recall a moment when I was propelled to act in an uncommon, yet somehow completely familiar way. I had no understanding of what was about to happen. It was an impulse, a divinely inspired moment where the veil of mis-perception was drawn back and I could truly perceive the essence, or the light of who I am.
This event took place about ten years ago, took no more than 10 seconds and changed my life in ways I’m just now beginning to know in my bones.
I was about to attempt yet another doomed weight-loss diet. My self image was shackled by social comparison, pudgy projections, unflattering fatty mass and secret shame. These physical stories prevented me from being the person I could hope for at the time, svelt, fashionable and desirable…talk about off track! I despaired.
The unexpected pivot.
On the it’s-time-for-a-new-diet day, every cell in me was impressed to walk into my private sound sanctuary, and, with a resolute index finger, draw a circle into the rug fibers.
The vortex set, I stepped into the center of that circle, closed my eyes, arms and palms slightly outstretched and declared out loud, “I am NOW standing in my Optimum Body!” And briefly toned an open Ahhh.
In a nano-second I could feel the weight of a long velvet cape (it felt blood red) being placed onto my shoulders, my head framed by a bejeweled fanned collar with symbols, numbers and moving light shapes streaming vertically through the folds of the cape, up and down my body…throughout my entire being.
This surreal sensation was exposing a new physical reality expanding to fulfill the stunning beauty, immense power, regality and wisdom embedded within the cape, alas, within me.
I had become the Cape.
Those ten seconds changed the trajectory of my life. I stepped out of the circle and went about my day. I didn’t process what had happened…didn’t need to. I had experienced something my brain would never understand. My body got it.
It took two weeks for me to notice the shape of my body had started changing. Physical weight was shedding. I’d go food shopping and consult my body for food choice guidance.
Everything was adapting to my optimum body.
How does this relate to perception? In my case, I think my frustration moved me into a profound state of surrender. Once free of thinking I was able to access the essence of infinite creative force. I AM. I was perceiving the essence of no thing yet everything all at once, thus producing the force of creative flow of some part of my life energy.
This is a power we all have.
“When I co-create the creation conforms to my will, and it now has my consciousness. Therefore, my will to begin with was a statement of no-thing. That which I co-create will conform to nothing, and by doing this I ensure it will live forever. Should a co-creation be a true representation of my will, it will go on to be another co-creative force.” – As told by Gregge Tiffen
You are so loved…