Crystal SoundEnergy
Level 2

Return To Wholeness: Advanced Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner Training

Please note: This training is only available to those who have completed Return To Wholeness Level 1.

Begins 2022

Return To Wholeness: Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner Training

The Journey Begins May 2022

Registration Deadline = Friday, 22 April 2022


You Feel The Call To Deepen Your Work With Sound – To Reach Beyond The Safety Of What Is Familiar – To Step Into Personal Mastery and Offer Your Unique Gift of Sound To The World!

Critical Mass Is Calling Forth Evolution At Every Level. All Are Being Challenged To Shift, Expand … And Shift Again. What Will It Take For You To Embrace Your Evolutionary Journey?

How do you partake in this expansive vision?

It is within YOUR reach — through Sound.

As you continue to step into your personal authority and embody new frequencies, you pave the way others to find their authentic inner truth, and essential wholeness as a human being!

Sound is the essence of all that exists.

SOUND AWAKENS our Spiritual Intelligence. Beyond dogma and tradition, beyond intellect and personality, YOU reach into the unknown and recover the ABILITIES and TRUTHS OF WHO YOU CAME HERE TO BE.

If you have been called to work with Crystal Sound Energy and the Alchemy crystal singing bowls AND you long to express your gifts as a Practitioner, I celebrate you! I WELCOME you! You have stepped onto a path that is both ancient wisdom and the future of modern medicine.

The alchemy you create though sound is the vibration of your own wisdom known to you in your bones, resonates in your heart, calls to you in the ethers and launches into the Universe through the sound of your voice. It is the song of Radiant Truth re-Sounding through All beings.

As the practitioner, you are the musician and the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls are your crystalline tools of transformation, in service to all of humanity.

We are part of an aware, intelligent Universal consciousness. This dynamic vibratory potential is reflected in every cell in our human bodies, the awareness of which is experienced through sound.

Can you imagine consciously summoning and directing such intelligence to create abundant health and wellbeing in all aspects of your life?

Our focus for this master-level work with Sound will be learning to consciously embody and transmit the energies of Crystal Sound, Voice and Harmony in resonance with Universal Intelligence.

“You have the sound of your voice available to you as one of the greatest elements for successful living.”

-Gregge Tiffen

As a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner your ability to listen, trust and allow will present many layers of discovery…and awareness.

Though this work focuses on the Art of playing the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, it is the attunement of the Whole Self where true transformation occurs.

When your presence and voice work in partnership with the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls, a gateway to worlds beyond personality, intellect & your wildest imaginings will be opened.

Let’s go there!

We are embarking on a journey into the many mysteries of life where all is unknown until we seek it. Sound is our guide, stirring and awakening each of us at our Spiritual core…asking that we unlearn, there by remembering what is already known within us.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you
Don’t go back to sleep!
You must ask for what you really want.
Don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
across the doorsill where the two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!”


Are You Ready to Claim Your Identity As A Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner & Experience The Fullness of Life In All Areas Of Your Creative Expression?

From the mystical to the practical we will explore the full spectrum of possibilities for Transformation through Sound and what it means to embody a state of non-resistance.

When you surrender to the mystery, the fog of separation fades and what appears is the Truth of who you are. Behold YOUR beautiful magical life!

Please note:

This training is only available to those who have completed Return To Wholeness Level 1.

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $850 deposit

Registration Deadline = Friday, 22 April 2022

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What Others Are Saying…

“I wanted to say Thank You so much for all your expertise in leading us through the various exercises leading us to up level our sound field and sound practice.

The way you tune into each and every person as they traverse their own song and story is phenomenal. This last week I have been playing my bowls 3 or 4 times a day, listening ever deeper for the nuances.

I have to say that this week a new level of Peace has come in for me and I feel it is the result of the sound work. Tryshe, thank you so much for all your sharing. I am so excited to include Sound in my healing practice.”          –Cal-Ling


The Science of Sound, Healing vs Allowing – Creating A New Paradigm of Wellness, Bio-Dynamics of Crystal Bowl Sound Energy, The Role of Harmony in Healing are all topics that lay an important foundation for the continuation of our work with voice, harmony, healing, sound and the Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls.

We will be covering these important topics over the duration of this course.

May 20-22


Embodied Sound and Voice as Energy Medicine

The quality of the sound of your voice, your thoughts and spoken word perpetually summon and shape your real-world experience at an atomic level. It is the foundation of your creative work as a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner. Are you producing the results you want?

This module will focus on summoning the energy of embodied sound, harmony and language to:

  • Open the harmonic spectrum of your unique Voice as a vortex for creating optimum health and wellbeing
  • Experience Sound as Reflective Energy between Your Voice and the Bowl’s Voice
  • Build Structures that support Vocal and Emotional release within clients
  • Turn your inner saboteurs (doubt, resistance, comparison) into valued Allies
  • Use your Conscious Voice as the Power Tool for Manifestation
  • Define your unique offering
    • Design your ideal practice
    • Declare your intentions (releasing the atomic pattern of your passion into the world)

Aug 5-7 and Oct 14-16


Our time will focus on direct hands-on experience, personal and group process work with bowls and voice. Each participant will have individual focused table time, and practice working with a “client.

Didactic / Experiential learning will include exploring:

  • Vocal Harmony
  • Ethical approach for Energy Practitioners
  • Vocalizing open and conscious transmissions
  • Preparing for a session
  • Grounding & setting intention
  • Creating a conscious space
  • Safely Engage with client
  • Practice with Bowl Placement and Activating Crystal Sound on the Body
  • Practitioner Self Care
  • Building a Healthy Personal Boundaries Systems
  • Compassion Fatigue

Module 3 Bonus (Saturday Evening Field Trip):

Seven stories beneath the Earth’s surface cradled in the bones of Mother Earth, we will explore the sensations of vocal/crystal sound and harmony in our own bones. This unique environment will be our sanctuary of stillness allowing us to be fully present to sound devoid of the world’s chaotic frequencies and allow the rich harmonies of the crystal bowls coupled with our own voices to expand the presence of sound within and around us.

*should there be a lingering presence of Covid-19, Colossal Cave may be closed to the public

Jan 27-29, 2023


Module 4 will focus on how you create a sound meditation, also known as a sound journey or sound bath.

Whether for a small or large group, your conscious approach to harmonizing with your ‘audience’, selecting your bowls, advancing the art of playing the Alchemy bowls (harmony, volume and tonal coherence), becoming a conduit for Source Energy, will insure a meaningful and expansive experience for you and your audience. Depending on your comfort level, spontaneous Vocal Transmissions will be encouraged, as it greatly enhances the depth and quality of the Crystal Sound Activation experience.

Over the course of the Module, each participant will have a chance to select a bowl set they wish to use and create a sound meditation experience for the group.

We will also cover the Metaphysical Properties of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, including how and why to select specific bowls for sessions and sound prescriptive practices.

Module 4 Bonus: The Tucson Gem Show

What a perfect time to find bowl mates to add harmony and beauty to your collection. We will plan a field trip to the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show in the event you wish to add Alchemy bowls to your harmonic collection.

More details in 2023.

Oct 2022-Jan 2023


In order to receive your final Crystal Sound Energy Certificate of Completion, you will need to complete a series of 6 hands-on or remote healing case studies in your field of focus. These sessions will begin after our October module and will need to be completed before we gather for our final module in January.

You will report your findings and receive direct mentoring with Tryshe to assess your proficiency as a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner.

This portion of the training includes:

  • All intake paperwork
  • 2 process calls and 1 final report call
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Each person will receive a final call with Tryshe once your written case studies have been submitted.

Please note:

This training is only available to those who have completed Return To Wholeness Level 1.

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $850 deposit 

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A beautiful private home in Oro Valley.


We are excited to announce that this retreat will be held in a gorgeous, private residence in Oro Valley that allows for us to hold the integrity of the energy vortex we are creating. We will be closer to the quiet of nature and deeply supported by the Mother herself, which is foundational to the exploration and expansion into sound that awaits.

Location details will be sent to you upon registration.



***Overnight accommodations are not included in the retreat price. You are welcome to look for hotels and other venues near by.

Please note:

This training is only available to those who have completed Return To Wholeness Level 1.

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $850 deposit 

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Build confidence as you step into this therapeutic modality whether you are working as a wellness provider, spatial/structural/environmental sound practitioner, or elder care/hospice provider.

Focused hands-on table-time, including body placement to create a full-body vibratory immersion with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, voice transmissions, harmony, modulation and ‘client’ interaction. Breakfast & Lunch will be served on Friday,  Saturday & Sunday at the Luxurious Hacienda Del Sol Guest Resort in Tucson, AZ.

  • Four 2.5 – day immersive experience into the Bio-dynamics of Harmony, Voice and Crystal Sound Energy
  • As part of the session demonstration within each module, each participant will have the opportunity to work on one another
  • Insightful, Informative, Expansive, Experiential and Personal Transformation with Tryshe Dhevney
  • Large and small group exercises and practices within a supportive environment to deepen your experience of embodied sound as a Crystal Sound Energy Practitioner
  • A glossary of Metaphysical properties for the Crystal Tones Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Three (3) 60-90 min group interactive Training calls, one between each module
  • Crystal Sound Energy Certification of Completion after all homework requirements have been met


  • Your round-trip airfare to Tucson
  • Room/Hotel costs at Hacienda Del Sol, or other locations
  • Rental car or shuttle service
  • Souvenir shopping or other personal expenses
  • Personal, medical or trip cancellation insurance


Please note:

This training is only available to those who have completed Return To Wholeness Level 1.

Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $850 deposit

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***Space is limited to 10 participants to insure quality interactions with Tryshe as you develop your skill.

A welcome packet will be sent electronically along with an intake form. Select how you wish to complete your registration and we will complete the process. Tasnim will be our workshop logistics coordinator, should you have questions.

All payments must be made in full 30 days prior to the start of the program.

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Best-selling Sounds True Recording Artist and award-winning actor and director, Tryshe Dhevney has been honored by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts and praised for her musical compositions and collaborations. An Alchemy Crystal Bowl recording artist, Voice Specialist and Crystal Sound Energy Healing expert, she is recognized as an authority in the field of harmonic and vocal intuitive sound healing. Her work with movement and authentic voice expression has been acknowledged as ground breaking. Over the last 30 years, she has pioneered and refined a highly effective sound healing and toning technique called SoundShifting™.


Reserve your space today with a non-refundable $850 deposit 

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“The exercises provided such valuable insight into my self, my soul, and my body as a musical instrument. I am talking home tools that will deepen the experience and be shared with others. I now know how to open my body to reach for my highest potential and approach the bowls with deep respect.

I pushed through deep fear of being seen and heard. Being pushed (gently) outside my comfort zone has shifted me in ways I’m sure I have not yet perceived.” — Becky Carter

“It was really difficult for me to confront my ‘Nots.’ But it was harder to work through letting them go. I felt completely vulnerable and not ready to work through it. But I did! And feel like I made a huge personal shift of letting go and accepting vulnerability, that was necessary to move forward.

I have absolutely loved this experience…I feel overwhelmed that I have been able to experience this soul-sound unfolding and transformation. Tryshe is a gift from Spirit. I feel so blessed that I met her. Her insights into personal transformation, pain, sorrow, joy, laughter and wisdom touches my heart and soul. Thank you for pushing me way beyond my comfort zone and helping me to courageously move soulfully forward in grace, sound and love…with life. I have found my tribe, fulfilled a vision, and made lifelong friends.” — Linda Bult