Meditation vs Meditation

Back in the day, I believed that in order to walk the path as a sincere spiritual seeker I must demonstrate devotion by meditating…daily. Eager to belong, I opened my palms and dove in with everyone else.
Then I discovered how human beings are human, first. Often there was a subtle (and sometimes fierce) competition for status as a meditator. How long could you ‘sit?’ How high did you go? Did you touch God/Allah/The Buddha/St Germain? Everyone looked like they were going places in their meditations—except me.
Gawd knows, I made every attempt to sit, empty my thoughts, follow my breath and find peace while sitting pretzeled in a half-lotus. Peace never came—not because I didn’t sit long enough, have a sincere enough heart, or correctly breathe through the discomfort. It didn’t happen because I’m not designed for sitting meditation as my spiritual discipline.
Plus, my brain is incapable of not thinking. My brain is doing what it’s designed to do, create stuff.
It dawned on me that wrangling my ever-active brain was a waste of time and actually created more distraction, more resistance, more cellular chaos… and definitely more absence of peace in my being.
What to do? Where to go next? Is there a way into the peace-filled state of no thinking by simply Being? HOW?
The answer was accidental and inadvertent. My bliss state came through Sound and Tone. Who knew that something as simple as a tone would produce worlds of wonder beyond time and dimension.
I could never have experienced real bliss through my intellect. Who knew my true awakening would occur through a simple tone. This was a meditation tailor made for me.
Born out of trial and failure, I learned by not thinking and instead, had an experience of expanse beyond my understanding.
Today, all I do is open my mouth and allow the breath of All That Is gently pass over my vocal folds and birth a tone.
“A tone is a living cell. It is composed of organic matter. It has the power of assimilation, of reproduction, of making exchanges, or growing. It is a micro cosmos reflecting faithfully the macro-cosmos, its laws, its cycles, it’s Centre. Concentrate on a cell and the mysteries of the universe may be revealed to you therein. Concentrate on a tone, and in it you may discover the secret of being and find Ishwara, the Christ within… A tone is not a merged mathematical point without dimension or density, but it is a living reality, a sound.” – Excerpt from “The Rebirth Of Hindu Music,” by Dane Rudhyar
How do you meditate today? Walking, sitting, golfing, foresting, cooking, sounding? What lights your way to Ishwara?
In the spirit of Bliss,