Sound Energy Mentorship

with Tryshe Dhevney

Have you ever longed to immerse yourself in an ocean of sound in a private learning environment that was created specifically for you?

If you are someone who:

  • feels called to awaken the extraordinary potential that lives in the bones of your being…
  • seeks to restore purpose and flow in your life…
  • is ready to plumb the depths of your inner knowing…
  • prefers to take an intensive journey with a personal guide into the mysterious transformative world of sound…

Welcome…You are in the right place.

Within a safe and sacred space, you will learn to untangle the web of stagnant energy patterns and unconscious storylines that up to now have defined your very existence. In its place, you will be handed sound keys to reset your vibratory point of attraction and direct the flow of energy to best support your life journey. 

Expect to immerse yourself in the energy of sound, harmony and vibration, all entry points to a full sensory experience of the authentic human you came to be. You will come to better understand your personal energy signature, and what stands in the way of freely expressing your authentic voice.

You will learn techniques to activate the advanced vibratory technology of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, which work as evolutionary allies designed to support you on your journey of awakening.

Sound clears and reclaims, returning you to your Sacred Self.

With your conscious voice and crystal sound energy, you have the power to transform those outdated patterns of belief, thought, language and vocal ambivalence and reclaim all that you know you are at your molecular core.

Sound is immediate. Transformation such as this does not take time, it takes action, conscious action which can evolve your capacity to remember what your cells already know.

Could NOW be your time to act?

This intimate mentorship refocuses the full spectrum of sound as a self-healing modality, both personally or professionally, putting the power and choice for wellbeing into your own hands.

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There are two options when looking to explore this work: The Personal Track & The Professional Track. 

Personal mentorship 

This option is tailored specifically to those who desire to explore personal growth & spiritual development and those ready to immerse themselves in Crystal Sound Energy where the focus will be on your relationship with the bowls, exploring playing techniques and learning ways to activate the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls for optimum energy impact.

Together, we will travel through each of the three sections below. 

Your Sensational Body

You are embarking on an intimate homecomingone where you are building Somatic awareness, becoming reacquainted with your physical body and its sensation language. Though your body holds the story of your survival, becoming aware of the stories frees you to choose differently — to exist, safely and confidently within this physical realm.

You will:

  • Learn to interpret your body’s internal and external messaging systems
  • Unlock your feeling truth, in a safe and supportive environment
  • Learn tools to clear imbalances & disharmony that no longer serve you
  • Nourish your own body of light with sound

Whole Body Tuning with Sound, Voice and Crystal Singing Bowl Integration

You breathe, yet you don’t breathe deeply. You make sound, yet your sound has lost its soul.

You will begin to remember that you are a walking symphony of sound. As you build upon the experience of your sensational body and the stories stored within its tissues, you will explore the world of vibration and give birth to your authentic voice — a voice that reflects your true essence—natural, full, free, alive, and yes, uniquely you, unburdened by the stories of your past.



You will:

  • Vocally break free of self-judgment and hesitation
  • Begin to trust the intuitive direction of your sounds
  • Learn to create harmonic feedback with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls
  • Expand access to dimensional sound frequencies
  • Experience your Soul Song – the harmonic reflection of Divine Compassion

Words, Thoughts & Pure Speech

Words connected to the symphony in your heart make music…

Studies show that language is a powerful mode for changing consciousness and transforming DNA. The frequency you set up through language patterns either supports your pure potential or denies it. Our beautiful planet Earth was born from sound. As inhabitants of this earth experience, what we speak out loud unleashes an energy that will manifest.

The tone of your voice speaks volumes. What is the sound of your voice saying?

You will:

  • Experience language as limitation or pure potential
  • Be fully present with what you manifest
  • Learn to feel what you say with passion and clarity
  • Feel with your heart as you speak


Logistics for the personal mentoring include an in depth intake form, an initial intention setting conversation with Tryshe Dhevney, 10 hours of in person mentoring, an in person Crystal Sound Activation and 45 days of follow up support that includes 2 integration sessions. 

Included in this offering is a workbook of the information covered during the intensive and Tryshe’s book, SOUNDShifting: Your Personal Guide to  Self-Healing with Sound 

Investment: $4400 (payment plans available)

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Professional Mentorship 

Professional mentorships are designed for energy healing practitioners, allopathic & holistic medical professionals, and therapists for the purpose of advancing your professional skills and learning refined techniques of vocal sound as well as the use of crystal sound energy (gemstone, metal and mineral-infused alchemy singing bowls) with your patients/clients. 

We know sound is a conduit for reducing stress, changing biorhythms, and uplifting one’s mood. Studies reveal when used in the right context, sound has the power to speed up the body’s natural ability to recover from illness and injury.

Using the vibrations of sound as integrative support for whole person health and healing is pivotal if we are to shift the paradigm of medicine itself. People are sicker than ever before. Empowering individuals to find and direct the energy of their voices puts optimum health in the palm of their hands.

Sound energy is the key to shifting the tired remedies which are becoming less and less  effective and invigorate the innate restorative potential we have at our fingertips. The days of treating symptoms with pills or band aid prescriptions to keep a patient ‘alive’ have passed. Our growth requires us to look deeper into the spaces of the Mystery, where individuals gain access to their own inner sense of well-being and choose to  thrive. 

In our first weekend together, we will build the foundation of your relationship with sound by following the same inward path as our personal mentorship follows

In our second weekend, we center around sound prescriptions, both vocal and singing bowls. We will explore how to apply the sound tools learned in the previous weekend block and introduce how to use the power of the Alchemy crystal singing bowls in the healing equation. We will explore how, what, where and when sound is best used  to support an energetic shift in the body. Not all sound tools can be used in all situations and you will begin to understand the difference. We will explore the co-creative opportunities sound allows for both the professional, and the client/ patient. Actively enrolling the patient in their own healing journey is key. Whether sound becomes a curative agent or the individual enjoys a deeper experience of inner resonance and peace, the benefits cannot be described, only experienced. 


Logistics for the personal mentoring include an in depth intake form, an initial intention setting conversation with Tryshe Dhevney, 20 hours of in person mentoring, 2 in person Crystal Sound Activations and 45 days of follow up support that includes 2 integration sessions. 

Included in this offering is a workbook of the information covered during the intensive,  Tryshe’s book, SOUNDShifting: Your Personal Guide to Self-Healing with Sound and a $400 discount applied toward any purchase of a set of Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. (Set includes three or more bowls purchased together).

Investment: $8800 (payment plans available)

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***Part of this training, whether personal or professional, will include working with the magic of the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls. It is not necessary to own a bowl, or to purchase bowls, however you can utilize your time with Tryshe to put a set together if that calls to you.***

“The VIP SoundEnergy™ intensive with Tryshe was absolutely transformative. My first deep~dive foray into the sea of Sound, Tryshe was the consummate expert guide in ushering in the deeper learnings of sound, tone, voice and vibration. Each session was custom tailored to me, with ample space for questions and moreover deep sharing, insights and mind expanding conversations that evolved my consciousness. The Sound learning I gathered was exquisitely personal, attentive and palpably healing for me and my relationships. Through Tryshe’s guidance, I was able to connect the dots of Sound and Spirit in the most authentic way. The SoundEnergy™ VIP Intensive is for anyone who wants to have the custom tailored offering of Sound living, breathing and integrating in their lives.”  – Cristy Candler, Yoga Teacher

“I am a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and I was introduced to Energy Medicine and subsequently Sound Healing thru the Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine.  I was drawn to Sound Healing and so I decided to sign up for Tryshe’s Sound Energy Mentorship.  This was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  The training was transformational on both a personal and professional level.  I absolutely love how she’s designed the program such that you experience Sound Energy Healing first and foremost.  After experiencing sound energy, then you learn how to share it with others.  I found the process to be a deeply moving spiritual experience and an exciting beginning to a new modality that I can use in my practice.”

—Sheryl Manning, Psychiatrist