Primordial Tones: Mystical Insights


greetings and it’s been so long since
I’ve tapped into uh this modality to
talk to you but I was so moved yesterday
by one of the the clients I was working
with that I really wanted to share this
I I’ve
become more aware of
how how affected we are in our betrayal
of self you know we don’t real realize
it until we begin to um come nose to
nose with parts of us that are we feel
are lost and we want to retrieve them
and I I was doing particular work with a
client with the primordial
tones and it was extraordinary because I
was explaining and and um beginning to
were starting to do the tones and right
away uh she moved into sort of deep
Stillness and then I started to see
tears coming down her her eyes and she
she shared you know I just haven’t been
I haven’t been here uh and she put her
hand on her her her belly I haven’t been
here in a long long time and uh and I’m
seeing this with people more often so as
I was doing sharing the tones and we
were um exploring the shape of the sound
these primordial tones they’re so
powerful and after each of the tones
there’s always a moment where you
pause and and your brain is has moved
into this highly suggestible place it’s
almost like it’s fertile ground because
sound that’s what sound does um so after
each of these primordial chakra tones
there is a Word signature that is then
dropped into the the fertile ground if
you will of of uh the the the the
biology the biodynamics and The rhythms
the B rhythms of the body so as we were
doing this I was realizing these word
signatures have often been
misinterpreted we tend to look at them
from a modern perspective a colloquial
perspective like I know what the word
have means however what’s starting to
become more apparent is that we have to
move out of the modern adaptive way of
thinking and understanding and move to
the mystical because this is where we
are all sitting now but we just don’t
realize what it is so when I’m going to
explain what those word signatures are
for each of those primordial tones so
for those of you who are not familiar
with primordial tones uh you can
um go visit YouTube I have a a a 31 day
challenge that you can do and or you can
go on my website and download a free
ebook about it but I just wanted to
share with you in this particular
group because I know you have been
exposed to the primordial tones what
these word signatures are how important
they are uh to populating these cells
and the the
vibratory field if you will of of what
we launch so the first primordial tone
is U the sound is like this uh very deep
well the word signature because it’s
it’s really a rooted sound and it is the
first tone of that energetic pyramid
that we’re setting up is I have now it
doesn’t mean I have acquired stuff that
I have a house and that I have friends
that I have food I have it’s not that I
have it’s that I have been birthed with
the knowing of who I
am at my core every part of me
understands how to be
me and part of what I was noticing uh
the client I was working with yesterday
she felt like she had abandoned herself
she had lost touch with that part of her
that remembered who she is at her
core and so the I have is a is a
language piece because we’re launching
through our spoken words but that I have
speaks the word of I know who I am and I
recognize and reclaim Who I Am From This
Moment forward it’s powerful powerful so
then the second uh primordial tone and
it sounds like this
oh it’s a deep rich mid abdomen
tone that particular word signature is I
feel now it’s not I feel emotional I
feel um you know
uh whatever ways that we use we conjure
feelings um but what it’s really
activating is all your senses so the I
feel is I am coming online all my senses
are activated because when my senses my
sight my touch my smell my my taste all
of that my hearing comes on board I am
now a fully aware human being at that
point we are able to move into our super
senses which means we understand at an
intuitive level we have that awareness
that is getting direct feedback through
our own unique Consciousness if you will
that we are aligned with Source in a
very unique way that’s the key thing
with these primordial tones no one is
you you’re the you’re it and they broke
the mold when you were born and so when
you make the claim that I
feel it’s like I feel the unique
experience of being me having an
experience of me through all my
senses so then we move into the third um
primordial tone of the solar plexus some
would call the third chakra
vortex e h so that particular sound
is it’s an odd little sound but oh
powerful uh That Word signature spoken
at the end of the the pause at the end
of making those tones plants the seed of
act I act meaning that I now trust
myself to act on my own behalf to choose
on my own behalf what is right for me I
am the one doing this so it’s an
initiator and it’s a a way of trusting
or stating that I trust who I am at this
core so we’ve laid the groundwork of the
I have at the base of the pyramid and
then we slowly start moving up we so we
activate our senses our sensory
experience then we move into the choice
of using our will to act on our own
behalf so it’s not I act out I I um
speak up or whatever it is it’s I’m
taking action consciously in my own
behalf and that could involve speaking
it could involve um any number of things
that is going to be unique for
you so what I’m finding is how important
it is to move past the surface level of
understanding of what these word
signatures are and begin to deepen into
what they truly are activating in our
our energy field so moving up then Into
the Heart Center mid range tone of the
open a it sounds like
this it’s an open a it’s I love now it’s
not that I love an object um that I can
love it is that I love
myself I have Unchained my
protective um habit
and and wall off sense of who I am and I
have opened to and become vulnerable
vulnerable to how I love myself that’s
my job here is to love myself with like
a zealot become devoted to the self in
that way it’s the most extraordinary
thing when we begin to recognize that
love alwayss that we love uh and spread
love throughout the planet begins with
the the pebble that drops into your
heart pool you are the pond you are the
the pebble and you are the Ripple of
that love so it starts with each of us
becoming devoted to who we are at that
core of love so then we move into the
throat Center which is in in a signature
word and the Sound by the way is this
it’s triple o it’s such a beautiful
refined tone it sounds like
this that Purity has been activated now
we we are moving into the throat so the
word signature is I speak and I am
heard I speak and I’m heard now it’s not
I talk and then I can hear people
talking around me it’s not that I speak
means I
manifest we are born in a on a planet
that was conceived of sound so in order
to manifest in this Dimension we must
speak our our being must resonate
through voice who we are how we are what
we are where we are going what we launch
what we
want all of this is heard and felt
through the quality and the sound of a
voice so when we swallow our voices when
we silence our our selves when we when
we diminish our ideas and say oh that’s
nothing really that terribly important
when we when we check ourselves at the
door and don’t walk through the door we
are missing time and again the Wonder
and the joy joy and the beauty of who we
are at our core so that particular sound
I speak I mean that word I speak is a
launching I am heard is that I hear
myself I am able to resonate with the
truth of who I am through my uh through
awareness uh so I speak and I am heard
is the key piece here um and uh so now
we move into the third eye the third eye
is an an extraordinary tone of high high
refined frequency of and this is what it
like this word signature is very simple
I see I see myself and in the totality
of my being in relation to all it is now
that’s a big sound big statement but the
totality of my being is experienced in
every cell in my body and that
extraordinary experience is what you see
we begin to create continuity with this
particular tone the third eye and the
crown and there it creates a field that
looks like the infinity sign and it’s
the continuity between the third eye and
the pineal and the pituitary in the
crown and that opens up our intuitive
awareness at a level that that we are um
have support to really honor and act
from that place that awareness so uh so
that the I see is that word signature
then the final word signature is I know
that’s a big statement I know but only
you know who you are it’s not that I
know all knowledge that I
know um everything saying about
everything cuz that’s impossible what
we’re here to do is know all that we can
know about who we are so the I know is
that I know I exist I have proof of my
existence because I feel I have I act I
speak I
hear so through all of that I know who I
am so when we’re doing all of these
tones in order you are really tuning
your instrument like a
refined what comes to mind right now is
a sitar which is an amazing instrument
when you tune a citar that you have to
be so refined I have a my um Sufi um
teacher well I didn’t know him um but
Hazard and Ian was a an extraordinary
extraordinary musician who always
composed impromptu uh for all the um the
royalty that that he performed for in
the moment so his sounds were alive uh
and we are these harmonic instruments of
extraordinary um
Beauty so just I was moved to to share
this with you because I I I know that my
understanding of these word signatures
has expanded and so I wanted to share
this with you um as you do these
primordial tones if you’re doing them
and if you aren’t that’s okay uh but the
opportunity to really tune your
instrument uh and take the time
consciously to do so creates a ripple
effect that I think our world is ready
to uh
recognize um as we are changing from the
inside out so thank you again and you
can find me on uh my website sound
shifting. comom um and uh if you have
any questions feel free to to uh to
write something at the end of this uh
post and have a great day