Resistance Is Exhausting

We Get Exhausted, Or We Get Wise

Resistance Is An Exhausting Way To Live!

Resistance triggers are found everywhere, an idea can challenge us, a belief, a person, or a group of people…politics…science…medicine…technology…authority…change…writing…not writing…procrastination…mediocracy…perfectionism…anger…self-pity…apathy, etc.

Anything can produce resistance (aka, fear) in us. Instantly we become the prisoner, the prison, and the warden…and nowhere can light get through.

Resistance is subtle and subversive, artfully distracting us from the deeper truth we know, at some level, exists within us.

We long to know this part of ourselves, free from the burden of distortion. If and when you are ready, demand the truth, engage all your senses… and feel your fullness of Being.

This truth is the freedom you’ve been longing for…

Let’s stop feeling exhausted and get wise!

Should you notice you are held hostage by fear (aka. Resistance), I offer this tip you can use (if you choose) to create the sensation of Letting Go.

Within seconds, the vibration of Acceptance replaces Resistance.

There are times I’ve even been able to see the delicious contrast brought about by the fear thus putting Resistance in check. Out loud, I demand,

“There is something wanting to shift here, I’m ready! Show me now.”

Tip: Sit comfortably, soften your jaw…to the extent your face feels numbly slack. Gently keep the breath moving. Continue to let go of your jaw. You may notice your shoulders drop, your breath deepens.

At some point when breathing out, let out a vocal sigh.


When you feel ready, declare, “I am enough.”

Or, “I am in a state of Well Being.”

Or, “I let go and all is well.”

Your version of this declaration will serve you well.

Know you are beautiful, whole and loved…

– Tryshe

* * *

“The more important a call to action is to our soul’s evolution,
the more Resistance we will feel about answering it.
But to yield to Resistance deforms our spirt.
It stunts us and makes us less than we are and were born to be.”
:: Steven Pressfield ::