I love this guy. I don’t know this guy, but his inquiry inspired me.

He dropped in from my website contact button.

S. asks:

“Hi Tryshe. I have been recovering for the past 2 and a half years from both shoulders being injured (I have been through utter hell). I am new to sound healing, and I resonate with you and your work! I am not able to comfortably attend a sound healing where I live because of my injury. Can listening to your audio crystal bowl recordings at home also have a powerful effect on a person’s life journey? Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health?

If I dedicate daily time to your sound healing, can this help me on all these levels to what ever degree is possible (whether big or small)? I heard you comment that when being played, the bowls effect the atmosphere in the environment…….and even on the subatomic particle level. Does this happen through your recordings in one’s home also? I guess my question is, will I receive the internal, the physical, and the benefits within my home listening to your alchemy crystal bowel recordings?

Thank you Tryshe, you are doing important work in the world! I hope you have a wonderful week!

My response:

“Hi S,
Thanks so much for your question and I’m so sorry to hear about the pain you are experiencing right now.
Clearly, pain like yours throws your whole body into a distress state and you hurt all over. Your body is bracing to “protect” you from experiencing even more negative impact on you mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

To the first part of your question: Listeners of my crystal bowl music (via headphones or speakers) shared that they feel awash in layers of harmonic energy and feel the sounds are changing the wiring in their brains. Research shows that sounds such as these stimulate the non-dominant part of the brain allowing the listener to experience new realities. So, the more you listen, the more your body is nourished by what I call ‘harmonic nutrients’, which over time can alter pain patterns. There is a mysteriously elegant way frequency operates around us, through us and for us. It’s experienced through letting go.

So yes, listening to my music can make a difference in your pain states. The key will be how you are open to the stimulation, both in your body, changing the way you think about the pain and giving direction to your cells for how to use this energy… in all the good ways you know you can. feel. Your cells in your body will wake up and do what you ask. Your body is built to recognize the exact harmonic information required for YOUR system (body) to return to wholeness… in other words, feel good. As the sound enters your auditory system, the vibratory communication between the sounds of gemstone-infused quartz singing bowls entrains with the liquid crystalline matrix in your body. This is a quiet download of frequencies with a mission only your cells understand.

You probably won’t feel that exact process happening, but you will begin to experience a softening, a release, a return to a peaceful state in your physical body…and as a delicious bonus, your mood will change. You may even feel glimpses of joy creep into your day. Healing can begin from this place.
The old school axiom, Be Here Now, totally applies here. Ease is the goal!

As you listen to this music via headphones the energy download to your biofield is dynamic, though a bit slower than if you were having a direct ‘in person’ experience of a singing bowl activation. Crystal sound energy penetrates all aspects of you at a cellular level, an energetic level and soul essence.
The music I create is more spatial and nonlinear to allow the body to experience a natural way to absorb the harmonic information without interference from linear man-made music structures or human intention. These bowl tones by-pass cognition, quieting the thinking brain and awakening your sensory awareness! The cells in the body know to take it from there.

Thanks for reaching out, S. I hope this answers your question. If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

Blessings in sound and harmony, Tryshe

Stay tuned for the next phase of our discussion, coming next week!