Self Healing with Sound

The Chakra Tones

Chakras are the billions of invisible vortexes of life-giving energy that flow through all levels of our existence. For our purpose, however, our focus is on seven of the most common chakras. Each of these wheels of power form a center of activity that receives, assimilates and expresses our life force energy.

When we are feeling healthy or in a state of well-being, each cell in the body is in its natural rhythm and vibrational resonance. Chakra health is weakened by daily stress or behaviors and habits of thought that are not in harmony with our true nature.

Some chakras may be more open and balanced. Others may become displaced, while still others have less energetic vitality. In all cases, the result is – a sense of feeling out of tune, even stuck.

The good news is that the body is a self-healing, self-correcting mechanism. Even better news is that sound is a swift and direct pathway for aligning vibrational resonance and allowing optimum health!

Chakra Tones:

  • UUH (as in the word mud)
  • OOH (as in the exclaimation OH!)
  • EEH (as in the word red) (AYE is also used)
  • AAH (as in Awe)
  • OOO (as in soothe)
  • EEE (as in meet)
  • MMM (this is a hum)

Chakra Tone Therapy Can:

  • Stimulate Endocrine System
  • Reduce Stress
  • Strengthen the Immune System
  • Stimulate Endorphins
  • Oxygenate the Blood and Lymph Systems
  • Allow Emotional Release
  • Facilitate Lifestyle Transition
  • Awaken Intuition
  • Clear Unwanted Thought Patterns
  • Change Brain States
  • Transform Consciousness

Chakra 1 — Root Chakra — Deep Red

This Chakra reminds us of our roots, our connection to our “tribe” and the collective thoughts or attitudes held in that tribe or family. The spiritual goal of this Chakra is to reconnect to the oneness with all and release the energetics of separation from the cellular memory.

Chakra Tones:  UUH (as in the word mud)

Chakra 2 — Sacral Chakra — Orange

Feeling as sensation or emotion is how we obtain important information about our personal well-being. Emotions are the language of the Soul spoken through the body. If we stuff our feelings, we separate ourselves from the sensation of knowing and become numb to our creative life force.  This tone allows us to reclaim our right TO FEEL.

Chakra Tones: OOH (as in the exclaimation OH!)

Chakra 3 — Solar Plexus — Yellow

The energy of this Chakra is personal power. The focus is to trust one’s instinct. Taught to disregard our own will and authority, we learned to defer to the will of others. We lost touch with our intuitive knowing, our Higher Will, our inner authority. This tone allows us to trust ourselves TO CHOOSE to be, do and TO ACT freely.

Chakra Tones: EEH (as in the word red) (AYE is also used)

Chakra 4 — Heart Chakra — Green

The Sanskrit meaning of the heart chakra is “unstuck.” If love was withheld or conditional early in life, that will translate to how we value ourselves. Our own hearts are designed to express beauty, compassion, forgiveness and love. When the heart energy flows easily, our whole being reflects perfect peace and calm This tone allows us TO LOVE, ourselves and others, freely and without condition.

Chakra Tones: AAH (as in Awe)

Chakra 5 — Throat Chakra — Sky Blue

The Throat Chakra is the most delicate center in the human energy system and can be thrown out of balance  easily. Our “stories” and negative internal self talk can distort our personal magnetism and creativity. This tone allows us to honor TO SPEAK and HEAR, our deepest feelings and desires and freely express ourselves from our authentic, radiant truth. Our open voice is a transmitter of truth, freedom and clarity.

Chakra Tones: OOO (as in soothe)

Chakra 6 — Third Eye — Indigo

This “Mind” Chakra is the spiritual center in which we trust our deepest insights and use our imaginations to “see” what and who we truly are. WE are able TO SEE the truth of our Being and draw upon the wisdom of the cells, of the Soul. When we engage the tone of this chakra we carry a clear vision as we move forward in the world.

Chakra Tones: MMM (this is a hum)

Chakra 7 — Crown Center — Purple

This Chakra is the entry point for the human life force, which pours endlessly into the human energy system from source. This is the crown of our divine wisdom in human form, the gateway to the ecstasy of enlightenment. This higher energy is nourished by inspiration and grounded through our physical humanity into day to day life.

Chakra Tones: MMM (this is a hum)