Solstice Celebrations: A Christmas Story

oh good morning bright and early although some of you are in different
time zones I’m feeling cozy here and and my Tucson Hideaway
um I am I I explained
over a period of years I have been so clueless about
winter solstice I’ve been around you know conversations around it
and and celebrations from uh different sectors of my life but it never sunk in
I you know it’s all a matter of my receptivity and and or one’s availability to to the time and the
cycle and and as I get a bit older
quite a bit older I am finding a a connection to Nature and a reverence for
the cycles and sequences of of life that
um this story really fell off of my bookshelf and into my hands and and I I
had a reading a portion of it last year I’d like to give a little
um I’ll give you a little a little bit more it is the Christmas story but it’s the Christmas story
from the view of a mystical code these are
um these are ancient codes ancient understanding of The
rhythms and sequences of Nature and today we’re celebrating the birth of our
beautiful planet our mother earth uh and
I know we get swamped by the Christmas experience and and uh it really
displaces what the true meaning is so I just thought I’d drop this in just I think more for myself because what I
understand about sharing and having conversation about things that stir us it really encodes it
in our in our own Consciousness and so for that reason this is quite a selfish
reading so let me start this by the way is a little booklet it’s
called winter solace Solstice and spy Greg Tiffin g-r-e-g-g-e-t-i-f-f-e-n
a master teacher let us do as we always do and begin at
the beginning we have a mother and a father and a virgin birth as The Story
Goes Mary’s visited by an Angel who tells her you will have this event occur
then it is then commanded by the Lord you will give birth to this child and it
will be done in Bethlehem now actually Joseph got the word first
and was visited by the angel that it would be done in Bethlehem now symbolically the basis of the story is
that it represents something that is not touched tainted
in any manner by the material the mundane the human
it is the story of the universe itself
Heaven if you will herein here in the Purity we are planting this
seed there’s a part of each of us that is receptive to that which is divine and
can be handed to us without going through any Avenue this transcends the body
for instance the baby itself is not conceived in the womb
but in consciousness here is The Marvelous promise that we
are perpetually prepared to become pregnant with a Divine seed not just Christmas time
here is a story of life not of a season it is a message that says what happens
here happens always everyone
you know I used to joke around and say you know uh it’s possible to have Christmas every
day and the gifts keep on rolling and you know as I would continue to grow as
all of you have experienced there are gifts that just just synchronistically fall into our lives well I think that’s
what we’re talking about here it happens all the time to everyone this Christmas Story
foreign part that protects and transports and
assumes now Mary is the birthing chamber Mary is the feminine Mary is the
receptive womb in to which this seed is planted but Joseph is the as the
protector and transports and assumes responsibility in caring for the child
it is the merry part that represents a whole new idea so great and so far beyond normalcy and
traditional acceptance that it cannot even be aligned to tradition
foreign part that represents a whole new idea so
great and so far beyond normalcy and traditional acceptance that it cannot
even be aligned to tradition it cannot be controlled by others
the child itself is the gestation of your own idea
of your own Awakening a child always symbolizes A New Concept
A New Life and a new idea we have a representation in the story
that all things change when you are receptive to the new child at the moment
when the cycle changes as we can see the whole story deals with
new beginnings and new Cycles there is nothing older than yesterday’s cycle done is done
it is the concept of the universe to finish and move on and winter solstice a new you is ready
the whole new spiritual impregnation of the new you that will carry you through
the new cycle Christmas time or Solstice if you like is the time when you give up what you
have and accept what is being born as the new power within you the awareness within you the new person
within you oh gosh I just I sit with this and I’m
feeling the Reverb and truth of this statement
I feel it’s starting to to come online even as I as I read this
this takes place in your world among your family and friends in the cycle of
your enemies wherever it is going to take place there is no other place where it can
happen for you esoterically in this story
it is very important to note that Mary and Joseph had to move from their usual home
the act of moving from where they normally reside is actually moving away
from heaven where the seed is implanted in consciousness it is not logical symbolically to have
Mary stay and have the baby at home where the birth is the mystical event that was to occur
it is sacred to you when you have that receptivity of being touched
The Experience cannot be shared with the world
this may occur while walking in your garden it may happen over a cup of warm
tea it may happen in front of your fireplace but wherever it happens
that place is sacred to you you cannot bring it to the world because
it’s yours and yours alone you must move and go somewhere to bring
it to life the story talks about the fact that they
arrive at the end now realize that they are outrageously poor and it is not likely that they would have any money
for a room at the Inn realize also that this is the story to
allow for the rejection of newness
that’s very real when you change and you become a new person how many people around you are
going to accept the new you
people say that you are not as much fun or you’re not making much sense so you’re not the same
I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced that but that that has been part of my
life and my world there is no room for you they want the old you
they may want to change themselves but they do not want you to change
honest renewal and genders criticism and rejection Mary and Joseph going to the Inn was not
an expectation to find a room the Inn represents a place of security
it is a warm and comfortable place they go up impregnated with this whole
Divine expectation that is common to us all then The Innkeeper says
we can’t accept you because we refuse to accept you there is no room at this end
the beauty of Christmas is courage in itself the courage to be that new arrival
and to know that it is not necessarily going to be accepted by those expecting
the commonplace we talk about loving one another and in some terms of burying the hatchet we put
aside differences and we come together in acceptance efforts of this nature do not always
work that is represented by the rejection at the end
that is the rejection of security the beauty lies in the realization
that at a new birth will bring about a wondrous change
rejection is acknowledged as a necessary part of the story and concept
I never knew that and yet I see it in the grand
unfolding of it all it is necessary because it will put you
in a position of dealing with adversity The Innkeeper says we do not have any
room here however if you like you can go to sleep out there in the manger with
the animals now we can see what this whole thing is about we have to move from our little
secret place and safe place where the impregnation took place and to bring it into Caesar’s
world to pay taxes and be counted and deal with authority if that was not enough to make it
mundane you are now told that you can go and sleep with the animals
there is Beauty in this decision and I keep getting that image of
the seed being impregnated implanted in heaven in that larger consciousness of
who we truly are it’s here in the world where it takes form
comes into being he goes on in the story The Wisdom
inherited putting Mary out into the manger for this wonderful event is that
quote that is what you must do end quote you accept rejection from
humankind you accept rejection from your family and those around you you move yourself
to where there is no rejection possibly to the animals
to the trees certainly and to the reality of nature as it
exists all around you
everything in the story leads up to the baby’s birth Mary and Joseph settle down in the
manger which in those days were places dug out of hillsides or caves
often they were damp and hot or hot depending upon where they were located
the location was uncomfortable however we get the impression that they
were very glad to settle down in this shelter the night was very still
it was a silent night the new you is always born in solitude
and quiet because because it is done within yourself
and hidden from the world your first commitment is to yourself and
to your awareness of the new you this is in harmony with nature and often
at night when the activity of the world has been laid aside
if you are not in your own place alien to your spiritual nature then you
must seek out that right place to birth your savior after that you quietly return to the
world nowhere in the story is there mention of a screaming kicking baby
the star and the Shepherds provided unnecessary polarity the Shepherds were on the hillside
the animals if animals attacked the flocks after
daylight the Shepherds could not see what was happening when daylight broke they had to reform the herd but The
Story Goes quote Shepherds were on the hillside and the Shepherd come and to
the Shepherd come the Heavenly Host singing Hallelujah we have in our midst a new savior
this is the counterpart the bathe is born in quiet solitude
which is the condition you should reach for your own rebirth
you do not need a drum to get our attention or to announce look I have changed what I’ve
accomplished we all know you have changed
the message is obvious the message is Heavenly
it lights up the sky and it is told to what might be considered the most
unimportant individual around
the story means that there is births that you have accomplished so quietly
that it has brought the new you into being this means so much to you it is so
private that you are not going to announce it it is announced but among the halls of
the wealthy and the so-called powerful it is announced to the simplest
oh let me let me rephrase that it is announced but not among the halls of the
wealthy and the so-called powerful it is announced to the simplest and what appears to be the most unimportant
person you me this is terribly important here
often when we think of change the first thing we want to do is to walk around with a sandwich board that says I’ve
changed we want everyone to respond accordingly you do not need to do that heaven itself
recognizes true change
how does heaven recognize that he changed what part of the story and what part of
the meaning of This brilliant star and the host of angels and the shepherd boy is the story for sajin
what is going to happen to you from this day on
and this is where it gets so
all of Heaven act as you change
and give up your old image and birth yourself anew
you know I I used to have that as a as an idol intellectual concept I could I
understood what that meant in the smallest part of my my working brain
happily I’ve grown through the years and I’m starting to recognize what the depth of
this change means
all of Heaven’s act as you change and give up your old image and birth yourself anew
Heaven acts on your behalf when you do this quietly honestly simply and
harmoniously with the planet it will be told and retold and told
again there will be no mistaking that everything is different and has been laid out for you
everything has been put into place your star shines
the hosts say the simplest to people become aware of
your presence at the very least that becomes
invigorating it is so meaningful because it guarantees that heaven itself the
universe itself is working on your behalf recognizing what you have done
oh my gosh you do not need anyone at the table to
slap you on the back and say nice job well done great change
you do not need anyone to tell you that you seem to be different you do not need a medal of recognition
the recognition has already come in you when you did it
it is already there for you when you allowed yourself the recognition
and nothing is going to change that nothing
is going to change
we read about three wise men who also see the star and say something is
happening they are visited by Angels who say go find the baby
do you see the polarity the angel is going to tell the shepherd boy
and the angel is going to tell the wise men the message is carried from the very
bottom to the very top according to Social strata wise men represent
everything in the human social strata such as the king of the world the wealthy the so-called powerful the
captains of industry three always indicates the heaven that
heaven has talked to man the Eternal triangle God man and Holy
Ghost three indicates a communication of a Heavenly nature
I’m often reminded of I I would always say this and and it’s true messages come
in in threes so if you’re asking a question of the universe to the world to your inner wise
self I always have one and then I have two and then there’s the third one’s of that
so I love reading news three indicates communication of a Heavenly nature
it is the Purity and the essence that lights up our mental fire Angels Sing to the shepherd boy
Hallelujah we have among us a new savior they did not tell a Shepherd boy to go
and find the savior they did not give him any instructions at all
in the original story it was not within the pure purview of the shepherd boy to
go and seek out the child however the three wise men were also visited by an
Angel and told in effect go find the child remember Heaven has already taken care
of your needs Heaven has already made sure you will be identified as the new person
now to ensure this Heaven has gone to the very highest strata of the world and said seek him out
seek her out here is your guarantee that the new you
does not have to go and seek you will be sought after
the new you the person of quality does not have to go out into the world and
make calls make overtures seek out cocktail parties
market for more likes and and thumbs up if you are truly reborn at this time if
you will leave your old you behind and become who you are as as the new
then the universe will see to it that you are sought out by those who need to find you
the powerful the wealthy the important people not necessarily of the world
but of your life you will be sought out by the people who
that you need to make your life fulfilling
um and you do not have to make overtures
all this will happen if there is a new you foreign
extraordinary problem all this will happen
if there is a new you it will not happen if there is not unto you but if there is
then it cannot be denied so as The Story Goes the wise men climb
aboard their candles they follow the star with which is clearly seeing they
find their way to Bethlehem to the manger they bring gifts this represents those who seek you out
to bring what you need and want this represents all the things of your
Earthly life they are the gifts of mankind and they are laid out at your feet
the baby did not say thanks a lot they’re beautiful since no acceptance
was needed when you turn and become who you are
that new you you do not have to wait all year for those gifts
those gifts are given now early in your Simplicity and in your
purity without fanfare you are adored
now the original story tends to end there we do not read about more gifts or that
the wise men depart or of Joseph paying taxes or of the census or whether or not they packed up and went home none of
that has to be in the original story because it did not take place
it is a story that has been with us since the beginning of the planet it is the Continuum of the reality of
the planet was Jesus born absolutely
was Jesus born under those circumstances no he did not have to be
however there is nothing wrong with that because the story must be perpetuated
it will be perpetuated in one former or another it is not a story of the Christ
child it is the story of the Christ you
this is not the story of someone outside of you
it is the story of your renewal it is not a story of Heaven making a
gift to mankind it is the story of Heaven making a gift
of you you’re the gift
you’re the gift it is not a story of wise men seeking
someone who is different is the story of someone seeking you out
it is your story it is always your story
it will never it was never designed to be anyone else’s
Christmas or Solstice if you wish more than the calendar New Year marks
the thank God the year is over with and I am ready to put myself together and be
the true me I am designed to be I recognize renewal Within Myself
New Year’s parties are often at a climatic and that we do not participate when we do not participate and I’m sorry
let me read that again New Year’s parties are not are often
anti-climactic in that we do not participate when we do not practice this
recognition of giving up the old person for the new however when this letting go and renewal
does take place within and whatever magnitude it can it is good for the whole year it does
not have to be renewed in June or July or August
Christmas Eve whether you celebrate on the eve of winter solstice or on
December 24th is as significant as the day itself
you are in a position to depart from yourself
you are in a position to give up the old you with tremendous love
you made it it has not been easy but you did the
best you could and you probably did very well under the circumstances
that is going away a departure of finishing a completion more than
anything else it is a letting go now is the time for a complete attitude
that you let go of yourself always first you let go of your
attitudes when they be good or bad as you elevate them
you let go of your wants and your desires your visions and your dreams you let go
of your fears you let go of your hopes you let go
of everything Solstice Eve leaves you completely empty
of literally everything except expectations of yourself
the solstice day or whenever you identify the time is the birth time for
the labor to be finished and the renewal to be realized
there is a period between you giving up and the birth time
this is the period of Labor it is the natural period of birth with
pains and regrets and possibly some tears
these can be cleansing tears tributaries to new Shores
they recall your pain and failures a new you is to be born
how old he was going and it’s going out with everything else that existed during this year
you are giving up freely you are saying goodbye to some things to
which you wish you did not have to say goodbye nonetheless
you are going to say God so that you are open and aware of the new you and the new promise
and the new gifts from heaven
there is no other way of getting them and to be open and have space for
them there’s a period of Labor and maybe a few hours it may be a few minutes it
surely isn’t more than a day in and of itself it is one of the most
cleansing experience that this story represents it is the Silent Night
a Stillness a goodbye the time in the manger with nature
with Earth herself in which you commit to the harmony of
the Earth you have no interference from Caesar’s world
there’s Stillness quietness peace and understanding it is you alone with you
in those moments before the new you becomes more
it is undoubtedly the most beautiful part of life the most interesting and lovable part of
it is that it occurs every year it makes no difference two thousand
years or 200 000 years from now the story is still going to exist
story will not change the meaning will not change but is necessary is the way you go about
being you regardless of all the stories and
traditions this is a personal event of your life it is a time that has been set up for
you in heaven to be with each other without interference
this belongs to you to all of us and to each of us in a very significant way
Heaven intends for us individually and collectively to experience the beauty
the luster and the excitement contained in the story as well as the calmness and purity
of acceptance May the greetings of merry Christmas
happy Hanukkah and blessed solstice be a salutation not spoken lightly in
passing to others as much as it is a greeting first to you and to heaven
then to both you together in the ultimate form a joy
thank you so much allowing me to come into this
this quiet moment of your life and to share the deeper understanding
that is beginning to occur in me about this period of time
may this year be filled with one or Beyond Your Wildest imagines
I bless you thank you blessed Souls just a merry Christmas and
happy Hanukkah