Originally posted on the Sounds True blog.

What if one sound, one simple focused sound that any of us can make, could alter the trajectory of a moment or the molecular structure of a cell? Seem far-fetched? Imagining such ideas allowed me to enter a world of sound alchemy, where one’s voice can create tones that fill the soul and touch the edges of the Universe.

In the years since my recovery from hepatitis C and liver disease, I have created SOUNDShifting®. Through my lectures, workshops, and consultations, I’ve seen people transform their lives—dissolve chronic anxiety, eliminate depression, experience emotional health, and much more. I’ve become a passionate facilitator in assisting others to find their voice and generate healing tones to allow optimum health. All who open their minds and consciously choose to engage sound as a healing and balancing modality experience dramatic results. These shifts happen quickly for some and take more time with others. In short, through the sounds of our voices, we can actively expand consciousness while being fully present and grounded in the moment. As I see it, this is the heart of bliss.

We are all endowed with the means to heal ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially.


If you’re like me, you want the answers now. You want to know this: How can I feel good NOW? How can I experience wholeness, even enlightenment, at the grocery store, at work, while filling the car with gas, driving the kids to soccer practice?

There’s no need to migrate to a mountaintop. Wholeness is in this moment. Right here, right now, reading the words on this page. My intent is that you know your own sound value. Your voice holds the key to real power in your life. Let me be your personal sound-shifter, cheering you on as you chart your healing course, whatever your symptoms or state of being.

Here is a practical sound tool, a primordial Chakra Tone, to help you begin the process of changing long-held beliefs and expectations that influence every aspect of your life. Through the sound of your own voice and a focused intention, you will open the gateway to your body wisdom and align with what you truly love. You will know because you will see it in your life.

Your Pocket Sound Tool!

To start, send your critical mind out on a break and get comfortable.

Relax your jaw and slowly breathe deep into your lower body.Open your mouth the width of two fingers and gently give voice to the sound of Ahhh in a mid-range pitch. Sustain this tone to the end of your breath…and repeat, several times. Congratulations! You just lowered your blood pressure, stimulated your immune function and reduced your stress. This sound is one of seven primordial tones that can shift brain states, create healing resonance and transform consciousness with little or no effort.