Speak Kindly To Yourself

I didn’t see this coming!

Day after day I notice an uptick of this delta variant blanketing our population and the polarizing reactions are both confusing and saddening. Resistance builds. Fear explodes in the media and most feel they are at the effect of The Other.

“You are why my life is now in the ditch!”

In my opinion, powerlessness is a virus of perception which is undercutting the true nature of one’s personal beauty, harmony, flow and real power.

Here’s the deal with energy as I’ve come to experience it. Perception impacts thought. Thoughts become words. My voice and my words activate energy patterns (positive or negative) which direct vibratory frequencies and ultimately become the world we create.

And because we live in a reflective Universe, Mother Nature can only absorbs the energy, ALL the energy, and reflect it back to us. We are the ones directing this energy. Yikes! I ask myself what has been my part in the distortion manifesting on the planet now?

Mother Nature is burning up, her body is quaking, flooding and shedding her unspeakable beauty, her inhabitants live in fear of The Other and in turn, terrorizing and ultimately annihilating each other with weapons of words or metal. She can only reflect what we give her. My heart is weighted.

Back to my part. Where do my words of impatience and frustration go once they leave my mouth. Do I launch streams of intolerance into the atmosphere…just by the sound of my voice? Can I own my impulse fo blame or shame (others or myself) for the state of affairs?

What can one do? What can I DO? What is within my capacity to change or control in this moment?

5 things you can do NOW that will become your Future:
1. Walk outside in nature and let the wind wash through you. (The more you release the dross, the more light you reflect)
2. Tell a little blossom, a tree, a mountain or a rock how much you appreciate the beauty they bring to your world. Give the gift of your open tone of Ahh (as in Awe).
3. Thank the rains for coming…and coming. (I’m in Tucson!)
4. Bless yourself for taking these restorative actions, and remember, you are the daughter/son of Nature, within you exists her grace, beauty, harmony and flow.
5. Speak kindly to yourself, as your Mother (Nature) is listening.