The Gift List

The Gift List! A Solstice Commentary

As the modern Christmas messages swarm and overwhelm, I’ve a hunger for the quiet, the empty and seek greater meaning in it all… or through it all or in spite of it all or while I’m indulging in it all! In truth, the only place where I can sit and truly reflect is the quiet darkness of the Winter Solstice.

I light a candle and review the List of Gifts I’ve experienced this year—and what a year.

The gift of remembering, ONCE AGAIN, that nobody needs my help. The gift of judgments-of-others only to remember I am only seeing the truth about me and not about them. The gift of feeling victimized then acknowledging, once again, I am steering my own ship, so stay awake!

The gift of perspective. Surprise! Surprise! When tempted to ‘otherize’ the world… they, them and those are doing this, that and the other to ruin everything for me! Yikes, the reflection of Moi was all I could see… in everyone and everything no matter how great or small.

A side note to this huge gift is I own my reaction to the Orange One… Woah!

Can I see the gift of my intolerance toward the rage-filled, hyper-polarized denialists, the fabricationists, the victims and the perpetrators, the revisionists and the evangelists, the assassins and the saints? Can I pause for just a moment and ask myself, is any part of me alive in any of that? If I see it, if I experience it, if I have a reaction to it, YES, it is a part of me!


With Solstice 2023 upon us, Mother Nature signals the end of the season and this yearlong cycle. Seeds of my personal growth have been planted through the year, have matured and been harvested. What an extraordinary feast! I acknowledge the rich harvest of all I’ve experienced, the insights, the love, the opportunities, the deep dives into unlearning, the new growth of self-reflection and awareness. I thank them all and let them go. Because now is the time of preparation for new gifts coming through.

I walk open and willing into this year.

It is a joy sharing the lightness and darkness of becoming human with you,