The Power Is In The Experience

I can only hear what you say when you are silent.

Don’t get me wrong, silence is not a case against sound. Silence offers a glimpse of what is longing to be seen or heard. Why then do I still find myself stepping on a moment, inserting something where nothing would have been the better thing to say.

The other day while speaking to a group, I was relishing how good I felt, in command of my own life force… the audience was responsive, energy was flowing through me, my brain was lit up and I was touching all the important points.

This was fun.

When someone way in the back raised her hand.

“Yes, you have a question?”

She shouts from her chair, “When will you stop talking and just play the bowls?”

Now this could have been a sticky situation.

To my amazement, what happened next was evidence of painstaking personal growth.

I paused, and in the next breath, thanked her for her candor.

We discussed her desire and I shared my intention and we arrived at a happy solution as the audience looked on, amused. It all happened in a matter of five minutes. What was truly significant about this moment was what went on inside my head.


That’s right, I had no reaction. Felt no rejection. Heard no complaint, only an honest desire. AND I agreed with her.

Less talk, more bowls.

Less intellectual blah blah blah and more space to experience.

I realized in a new way that the power is not in the Bowls. The power is not even in the Sound. The power is in the Experience.

This woman was asking to have an experience of herself in a way that only these bowls deliver through the vibrations of sound, harmony and spaciousness.

Enough said!

(thanks for listening, Dear Ones)

In loving silence,