The Reality of Fantasy

From the mystical to the mundane, is fantasy a perilous choice of life spent pretending or a thought dream not yet manifested?

I’ve kissed a few frogs expecting the white knight of my destiny to kiss me back; have said “yes” to proposals of marriage based on projections and story-book expectations.

I’ve dabbled in grandiose fantasies of performing worldwide for passionate audiences in sold out venues; while my latest book sits at No. 1 on the New York Times best seller list… for 18 weeks… Of course, you say!

Let’s not forget the shadowed or closeted parts of life, forged from the unspeakable shame and pain encountered while desperately seeking an identity. Was that more Reality than Fantasy… or…?

Where does fantasy end and reality begin? Where am I in relation to this polarity?

Gratefully, awareness has come gradually and sequentially. I don’t think I could have seen ME and the distorted version of myself all at once. Insights such as these are laced with pain that comes from honestly facing one’s self and one’s choices. I learned to savor the learning… and the pain. This journey has been well worth the effort. No longer could I spiritualize the issues and disappear them into the light.

I had to acknowledge them, grab them by the throat, wrangle them into submission and uncover/discover how they shaped my identity, thus my reality. Time to put down the comparisons to others and focus on the only life that matters now… My Life!

Over time, I began asking better questions; How is it possible that what I don’t want keeps showing up? Why do the same people keep showing up with different faces, in different towns, and different genders, etc? Will the voiceless scream echoing through time ever be heard? I’d been dogged by the same insufferables… heartache, disease states and loss of Joy. Clearly what mattered most to me then, became Matter!
As the layers of psycho/social fantasies peeled away, the new skin of awareness appeared. The subtleties of such growth are not always apparent… until opportunity knocks.

The other day, that opportunity sat down in front of me. Time to witness someone straddling the precipice of awareness and projection. The polarity of her predicament was more than familiar. The story she told in great detail was her reality.

Her frustration and grief over the loss of a joy-filled life (fantasy) and her physic exhaustion of unconsciously identifying as a victim (e.g., people, politics, the atmosphere, tainted food are out to kill me) fostered a skewed sense of power through the belief in being powerless.

Embedded in her story was the longing to claim her true voice, her true identity as the co-creator of her life, an awareness she knew was too deep within to touch right now. I kept listening. Finally a moment to breakthrough presented itself.

In a flash of channeled information I could sense her Etheric Team impressing information through my words.

“Oh dear, you are working way too hard,” I said.

She stopped mid breath… then asked, ”What do you mean?”

Her level of spiritual, mental and physical exhaustion demanded something clear and simple. She didn’t need to hear one more thing To Do to fix her. In her story, she’d already spent nights and days ‘trying’ to fix her broken life, and wasn’t ready to hear that she is the only one who can successfully create the change she seeks. Nor was she available to accept that what she was seeking is already in her waiting to be consciously activated. That awareness would come to her when she’s ready.

Her Etheric Team was adamant. I could feel the flash of electrical current igniting what was about to be spoken. And so it came…

“You are not alone in your journey. Ask your team for what it is you are seeking. From the most mundane of tasks to the loftiest of ideas, they are here to support you, always. You simply have to ask! Your belief that the burden of life falls on your shoulders alone denies you the experience of trusting your etheric support. Your job is to ask them for help, specifically and with faith they will answer. Their job is to answer you, but you have to start that conversation. The answers appear in the unlikeliest of places, a tv commercial, a comment someone makes, a bird song, a billboard.

Your fear generates chaos in your cells. Therein lies the misalignment which in turn clogs the life force, inspiration, unique gifts you were born to use. Stress (aka, fear) denies YOU access to your cellular knowledge and ability to succeed in this life. So ask your team for help!”

She paused, “How do I ask them?”

Her E. Team and I continued, “Be strong, be polite and most important, be direct in your request. For instance, ‘Help me find the perfect place to rent; or, get these people off my back; or thanks for giving me a sign for xxx; or, thanks for this great day; thank you for showing me how to get through this; or please line me up with the people, events or opportunities to know myself better.”

What I observed was her ability to realize that her ‘fantasy’ of a happy and meaningful life could begin with a thought of actually having a fulfilling day or moment. Once the thought occurs she could choose to engage her ‘E. Team’ and ask for support to bring it to manifested form. (Note: the Etheric Team will not interfere with our will, they can only impress flow through our cells once we create the opening with an honest request… out loud.)

This is what I have a come to understand as a Co-Creative reality. Feeling stuck? Choose to ask your E. Team for help from a place of knowing they are there for you. A spark of an idea will find you. When you feel it, speak it! Voice energetically charges the particles of your desire. Have faith! When the timing is right, all unseen forces will move you into place. Remember, you are always in the right place at the right time experiencing your awareness of self in new and expanding ways.

Would this be fantasy? Is imagining wondrous events, glorious states of being, adventurous experiences of all kinds with extraordinary human beings just pretending? If you can feel it as viable then it transcends the Fantasy to become Reality. It’s the Universal Law of Co-creation. This new reality is much more fulfilling, much less work and in perfect alignment with what and who each of us came to be.
Enjoy your creations!

I hold you close to my heart,
All-ways, Tryshe

PS Here is a favorite spoken request I make, especially when life throws me curve balls…
“I draw from all that I know and have gathered through all time to bring forth the best outcome here…right now. Thanks!”