This Is a Kink, I Think!

I trust in the efficacy of Universal Intelligence…all is in flow.
That said, a fatal reflex (despair) started creeping back into my thoughts the other day.
“OMG, this world is doomed! I’m doomed! As of Tuesday, we’re all doomed!”
Whoa…W A I T!
Charging up from the deep, my inner knowing pulled me back into focus! Shakespeare’s words came to mind, “Out Damned Spot!”
Circumstances have no power unless I allow entry.
Quick, dash those fears before they infect this moment, my day or the entirety of my cellular spiritual wellbeing.
Yeah, these gross slimy thought patterns become the dis-ease of doom. I can’t afford to go there!!!!!
Fear is never far from re-activation, though! And, am I staying conscious enough to catch this misalignment early?
Change doesn’t take time, it takes action!
Back to the source of that despair. Political disruption is a kink, actually. I ask myself:
Will life as I know it change after the votes are counted? It’s up to me.
Will my political voice be heard? Probably not.
Will my personal choices be limited because of who sits in a political power seat? Not hardly.
Will my capacity to think, live and love freely be diminished? No way.
WIll my personal light be dimmed by circumstances? Not ever.
Will I survive the fangs of social, political, technological and spiritual tribalism? Uh, Yeah!!
Will I thrive through these unprecedented changes. It is destined!
The good far outweighs the doubt.
I’m comforted remembering I have the tools to play this game of life… successfully!
Sound (crystal sound, voice and tone) is my master Illuminator. Where do you turn to keep your spirit light. … your heart open … your thoughts uplifted … your words filled with possibility … laughter at the ready, and your life on track with the goodness of our time?
Let’s Row, Row Row our boats gently down the stream, and not forget all the Merrily’s we’ll find at the end.
In harmony and grace,