Turtle Mother Earth

Well, this was quite a week for Turtle Mother Earth and all beings great and small riding on her back!

Part of me earnestly reaches out, Are you okay?

Are we okay … personally, spiritually?

The other part of me knows we are okay. That part of me understands we have chosen this time and place to experience the deathing of a gross misalignment, a paradigm of ignorance that never reflected my true nature in the first place.

My unconscious abdication of personal choice had deep tendrils which informed my world as a woman, a mother, a worker, a lover, an artist and friend.

Thankfully, time, life and the pain of misalignment became the leavening factor raising my conscious awareness and delivering me at the foot of my personal mountain. All of this “real” world around me, is chosen by me, curated for my individual discovery even before I arrived.

Realizing I was born with innate and very unique gifts is one thing. Using those gifts and the energy they produce to grow into the best me possible is the real thing.

My narrative is what matters.

Obviously I had no direct hand in the SCOTUS decisions of this week or the escalation of insanity raging in the Ukraine or the darkness eroding the hearts of many on this planet.

Yet, I can’t NOT SEE THIS.

My task is to recognize how to consciously use my energy in the presence of the madness.

How do I return to calm at my own center?

That’s where it gets funky, subtle and considerably more challenging. My tendency is to try and “think” my way through a challenge—to control, to manage or manipulate outcomes for the better. Unfortunately, that needle never moves.

There is one place where I bypass the busy, maddening, controlling, thinking part of me. Sound. It’s the only tool able to place me at the center of source itself. The moment I hear pure tone, I lock into the current of life beyond my understanding, and I’m off, gliding on waves of harmony.

Finally, I’m in flow.

Whether the sounds gush from the mouth of the river of ecstasy or is a baby eddy in the stream, light (intelligence) is able to break through the foam of not knowing. I discover what I am truly being asked to do. Ready for this?


That’s right. Crazy, I know. I’m learning the difference between passive ‘nothingness’ and the energy of nothing as an active experience. Believe me, I’m still expanding into this awareness. It’s never-ending. There have been times when I can truly experience being in that place of NOTHING, co-creating and in flow with Source Energy.

Could this be the mystical Law I stumbled upon during my healing crisis twenty-two years ago?

* Sound created vibratory conditions of ease, in and around me.
* The thought of healing (fixing) never occurred to me,
* I simply enjoyed making sounds.
* The cells of my body re-aligned with what was natural within me and with no effort, I experienced my personal state of wholeness.

I let go and did nothing. Maybe that’s the point.

Enjoy your nothing as you create everything!

In loving harmony,