We Live In A Reflective Universe

The one big idea that dominated my spiritual quest as a younger person was that we live in a reflective intelligent Universe.
Yet, how does that relate to me? Short answer… Like attracts Like.
Okay, that seemed simple enough and refreshingly absolute. Satisfied that I fully understood, I closed the lid on further investigation.
Ha! Spoiler alert. Age has a way of deepening one’s experience with that simple axiom, especially as it relates to self-accountability and authenticity.
Case in point, this week someone I know resigned from their job. My inner reactor kicked in with sideways judgements like… their life is clearly out of balance, are they the victim or oppressor in the situation… It could have been different had they only….”
On the heels of those thoughts came my litany of reasons for their drama, what was this person needing to learn … and, blah blah blah.
Oh, WAIT! Inner alert!
I’m missing The Big Deal—my own learning opportunity.
My reaction (concealed as an observation) to their situation is actually revealing nothing about them and everything about me. Woah!
This situation wouldn’t have triggered me had it not been something that resonates about me, within me and for me to recognize exists in my own life. What in my life is not so tidy and balanced? Perhaps my lesson is to recognize what I judge in another’s situation is reflecting, thus revealing, my judgement of self.
Yikes… how easy it is to manipulate thoughts.
On the other hand, maybe this situation played out exactly as planned; i.e. by spiritual design for all players (myself included). Maybe nothing was ‘wrong’ at all and all action was a positive opportunity … again, by design. At the end of the day, their situation was none of my business anyway!!! Oh the reflection!
The vibrations of sound offer profound assistance along this journey of life. For me (not speaking for you), the harmony and music ushering forth from my voice or produced by the lush Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, gently clear the dross of the day, my unflattering self talk, unwind the tangle of fear that chain my being, and awaken utter Self-Love. Day by day, I grow.
The Sufi Mystic, Ibn Arabi speaks to the wonder and mystery of it all,
“There are only two things to be done, the necessary and the impossible.”
The journey from one conscious moment of Reflection (where I risk everything to meet myself in all things), to the revelation and joy of Recognition (I can choose to shift my experience and take steps to know myself as part of a conscious family of Life) brings me Finite Awareness. In this moment, I AM.
This love supreme is ours embedded at birth.
I love you in All-ways,