What Hasn’t Been Healed

I’ve made it this far, and my life is good… and, I’m not at all complete with this journey. Much learning awaits me.
Probing questions come to mind …
Where am I feeling limitation? What wants to come into balance in my life?
The opportunity to learn was immediate…it popped through on my way to the meeting for the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective 11:11 experience.
This was a private casual Zoom call to meet and greet the beautiful women with whom I’m participating in this extraordinary event. However a previous version of myself poked through my excitement.
In this version the nagging gaggle of thought vultures were pecking at my remains.
“Would they mind if I dropped out…(fear)? These women are so vibrant and accomplished…where do I fit (comparison)? What if I can’t figure out this tech stuff to join the group online…(competition)? OMG! What if I have to ask for help, AGAIN (insecurity)? What if my offering generates nothing…has no value (all of the above)?”
Yep, that version.
So why is it running my head right now? Choosing to say YES to this opportunity to join the Tapestry Feminine Collective exposed a gulf in my heart where it is time for a new kind of courage and a new kind of naked self-awareness.
Triggers like this force me inward. This day, remnants of beliefs informed by experiences from my early life, remind me of where I am holding limitation.
The social, institutional, cultural and familial legacy of the women of my generation was such that women were seen as the enemy, not to be trusted.
We swallowed ourselves WHOLE, silencing, muzzling and denying ourselves. The wounding from this history is deep.

Creating with women, befriending women, joining with, loving and receiving from women experiences, this is our new and vital mission for this Crystalline Age.

The Tapestry Feminine Collective is a trusted safe place to reset and reclaim our authentic power as women. We are being called to show up as the high vibratory beings we have always been.

My personal offering – Unlocking the Manifesting Secrets of Your Voice – brings awareness to the voice each of us have always had.
The journey with sound is one of un-learning. There are sound tools to assist us in this unlearning and unwind the vibrations of misinformation we’ve swallowed over the years…or life times.
There is no better vehicle for such a task than YOUR VOICE.
This is our time as women to join the weave an warp of brilliance, of harmony, of pure potential for all women to experience being Whole, Creatively potent, Giving Voice to their dreams, from the mystical to the mundane.
With love and a Full Heart,
Tryshe Dhevney
Slowly, slowly I tended the bellows of my throat, and the light inside me grew and filtered out through the dark, so that within even it, I saw the truth.

~Lalla, a 14th century North Indian mystic, is a lioness.

–> My podcast interview is now live on the TAPESTRY Feminine Collective website!