When Your Crystal Bowl Goes Rogue!

I travel with my Alchemy Crystal Singing bowls…but not without extreme caution, a pinch of trepidation, a healthy respect of “what am I thinking,” and firm packing in hard cases of all sizes.

In the end, I have to trust that all is in flow and will work out as planned… but, What plan? is the question.
Oh yeah, that!

– The Story Begins –

Plastered with bright red and white sticker prompts, CONTENTS FRAGILE…PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE… GLASS, I carefully, yet confidently hand the three cases over to the ticket agent and board the plane for a weekend Healing Sounds for Healthy Living Retreat at Canyon Ranch in Woodside, CA.

If past is prologue, I’m good to go.

Fast forward, I’m in the SFO baggage claim staring frozen in disbelief! ONLY TWO of my three cases have tumbled onto the carousel.

OMG! Please PLEASE! Let this NOT BE happening!

The baggage office agent calmly assured me that my bowl would be on the next flight and will arrive at my destination in time for my concert. I managed an exasperated, “Thanks.”

Next day, no bowl.

Several calls and app-chats later, no updated information… and, NO BOWL.

My concert comes and goes without the shimmering tones of the Green Heart Aura Gold Super Grade (with Smokey bottom) bowl.

By now my emotional dial is fluctuating between the O..M..G Channel and the ‘It’s-all-going-to work-out…somehow’ Channel. In truth, this dynamic feels more like I’ve lost my little sister who’s care and safety was my responsibility.

I’ve failed her.

Where the $%*& IS she?!

To comfort myself I make up a story…she was distracted by the crazy fun photo app on her iPhone and missed her flight…she’ll find another flight.

Alas, I project.

Turns out, that part was true, she never made the flight!

– As The World Turns –

The fifth day of the lost bag saga shifted things. Now home, I grieved her loss, cried serious tears, felt harmonically adrift without her exotic tonal presence and wondered would I ever find (or afford) another like her? A despairing reality was closing in by the hour.

My priceless, one-of-a-kind instrument may never be coming home.

How do I integrate all that I know to evolve my awareness here?

Clearly, I’m experiencing something deeper than this crisis of my crystal bowl gone rogue.

Universal Energy is NEVER STUCK and choices are always available, if I care to entertain them. Like side tributaries carving their way around an obstacle in the river, flow continues.

I am the one who is able to choose something different… imagine a different reality, a more suitable reality that supports ME rather than succumb to a reality foisted upon me by circumstances. YES!

I seize the opportunity…choose a new thought…and in that moment, created a new reality.

This new energy tributary triggered something. The experience was sensational, literally. The feeling was telling me to Stay in the moment. Let go of the worry, the desire to control outcomes, the loss and despair and in it’s place allow the experience of PRESENCE to dominate.

Being vs the Doing. Sometimes it’s so simple.

The next moment I hear myself saying, “What Bowl?”

This fuller… deeper… re-ordered energy opened me to a new way to experience Universal energy flowing through me. In that moment… and only in The Moment, was I able to experience true freedom from the past, the future, from the worry, from the need, the loss, even from the bowl itself… and BE.

As I experience this newest version of me, not needing to intellectually understand what PRESENCE is, and instead being in a state of PRESENCE, all opportunities (choices, possibilities, etc) present to me. Whew!

Could this better version of me be what was really planned all along, and the lost bowl, the retreat, the airline debacle were the catalytic elements required for me to choose this road less traveled?

Wow, the mystery never stops being mysterious!

And Then There’s THIS:

Having surrendered to what is and moved on…just after sunset on the fifth day I get an email from the airlines.
“THEY HAVE LOCATED YOUR INSTRUMENT! It will be delivered to your home by 8pm tonight.”


And so it is. Everything turned out just as planned. You know, the plan you never see coming, but the inner you hopes it does!

Here was the real plan—

Recognize the truth of my reality as I create it and joyfully surrender to the infinite potential given freely IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

Note to Self: All is in perfect Flow, so no need to muck with it.

Breathing Out… Ahhhhhh.

I love you dearly,