You Are A Song Already Composed

Who said a C-tone is the proper tuning for the Root Chakra?
Did the Ancient Greeks intend the diatonic scale (C-D-E-F, etc) to define the human psycho/spiritual experience?
While I’m at it, why is it we accept music notation, developed by an Italian monk in the late 900’s, as our current musical base line…or accept the social construct of the good voice, the beautiful voice, the marketable voice, that other voice … “not my voice.”
What is past is a shadow that blocks the deepest mystery of life itself, the yet-to-be-revealed Fullness of Being.
When it comes to the creative energy of sound and tone we lose so much of our essence when we intellectually assign musical structures of notation, correct pitch, scales, even chakra delineation to inspiration being birthed in a moment. The un-schooled, untethered and sensorial expression of our own fullness of being is inspired by what is pure, alive and authentic in each of us.
This path of Voice didn’t come easy for me. Gawd knows, it was a long hard slog for me to break free—and, SO WORTH IT.
There were buckets of snotty tissue, rivulets of tears and darker than dark nights. I had to shed beliefs, my training, or the idea of training I thought I should have had to get somewhere. I had to shatter my perfectionism and blast all should’s into infinity.
I had to break-up with my constant companion, “comparison” (everyone else looks, sounds, lives better…than me). I’ve asked myself, if I had known this path would be as hard as it was, would I have taken that first step? Well, yes. Something deep compelled me to keep walking through all the embarassament, self-shaming, and dark voids of loneliness, because something sacred kept calling me…home.
Surprisingly, one day there was light. I felt my life, my sound more connected to an energy way bigger than anything I could conjure. I was experiencing everything, all at once through all my senses. I was inside All That IsI My best words here as I attempt to explain the unexplainable is that I could feel vibrations of Origins coursing through each cell.
My days of uttering the fatal prayer of hope and limitation (Please Lord of inadequate singers, let me not sing off pitch, or drop the beat or forget the words) vaporized as if suddenly. I was consciously expressing with a voice that no longer needed acknowledgment from others and instead was being blessed by what lives within me.
And, how did that happen? It happened in the proper sequence at the proper Time for what I needed, in order to grow.
“Don’t die with the music still in you!” Wayne W. Dyer
No need to mimic the sounds (or lives) of others. Experience yourself as part of the music of the spheres. Let all sound and harmonies that exist within you find expression in the Universe of All That Is, e.g., the sound of your open voice. Let it move through you free of hesitation, of judgement, of all that other $&@# that crushes your spirit.
This life is your symphony. The stars are aligned. Now is the time to channel your inner Beethoven (deaf to how the world heard his music) and let the magnificent music that is you launch worlds of wonder into the world we inhabit. This just might be the way we bring harmony and beauty into these times.
Ahhhhhh…you, as song, are already composed. Let you be heard!